Friday, March 15, 2019

Strange times for an Artist

It has gotten to tough to try and predict what will happen to the art world but with social media there is more censorship than ever. I keep seeing artists I like getting their work shut down on Instagram. Most often it’s for nudity. So much shaming goes on in our country. They are finding out ways of criminalizing nudity in art. If it’s drawn out what harm is it?  I don’t feel cartoons need censorship.
We are still focused and ruled by the sports world and the military. Well, ultimately the team they want you on is USA so mostly just military everything. I am greatful for our military don’t get me wrong. They keep our freedom to draw whatever we want and I know how great this country is.
Making a living at art will only get more challenging. Everyone on the planet can make art and post it on Instagram. I loved Instagram when I first got on there... no ads, no sponsored ads just show your work... and early on all the work was amazing! The trend now is lots and lots of ads and Tons of really awful art. Lots of people just draw characters they know and call it pop culture. It would be nice to see more people make a effort to draw their own characters at least. Don’t draw Star Wars or Disney is what I mean... be your own George Lucas or a Walt. If you see an artist selling work online look into buying real art! So much affordable great art is out there... skip that movie or high ticket arena show save up and buy work for your home! Or check out designer con and get hand made toys, original art or a print maybe? You will never know how good it feels as an artist when you make a sale. When someone buys your work it’s so motivating and inspiring. Most artists suffer from depression. It’s where the emotion in our work comes from. If you see art and it speaks to you the reason is that artist is showing you something and most often they are trying to express love and beauty in this harsh world. Even dark art has much beauty if done right. Jean-Michel Basquiat and Howard Finster make powerful abstract work. So many... the list goes on... I pray galleries will survive as they are the last outlets for culture. The recent Instagram outage was a good sign that the digital world may fall one day. Save your canvas and paint supplies in case we lose power. After all they made some great work during the dark ages. Thanks for reading this if you did. This is just how I feel. Does not mean I am right. Support your favorite artist! They appreciate it more than Gene Simmons... Paul Stanley paints too if you want to give him more dough. Ciao for now!

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