Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Modern Art Life early 2019

I just read a great interview on a podcast with Jeff Soto. (You can look Jeff up on Instagram) He made great sense of the current fine art gallery world. Galleries are closing. I had my own personal physical gallery art shop I ran at a craft market here in San Pedro for four years. Things slowed due to people wanting to save money in this uncertain economy. I still sold small things like my tshirts and greeting cards but people were much less likely to buy a painting for $300 or more. Most people would spend no more than $40 on a painting so I had to fill my shop with many small works. After a a very successful three years my last year I was only making enough to pay rent on my space and buy more supplies. I have since move to Etsy online and I am back working in my home studio. Still working in what worked in my physical store and sales remain seasonal. Holidays being when sales happen especially November thru January. The Gallery I showed at (El Cuervo in El Segundo, CA) has closed but from people I met when I showed there I have other shows coming up. It’s important to attend art shows if you want to sell your work in galleries. Make contacts and especially treat your friends and colleagues with love and respect as that is where the majority of your opportunities for other shows happen. Don’t worry about artists that seem out for themselves.... the kind that would step over another artist to be the center of the show. Focus on the ones you can share ideas and techniques with. That’s how you grow as an artist. I have found every time I worried about having sales at one of my shows it would not happen. Sales were always a surprise. You just can’t predict sales. The most important thing is to keep inspired by learning about other artists. Like my gallery owners motto was, “more art, less bullshit”. Keep working and don’t stop. Work like you don’t have enough time left in the day. That’s what gallery shows take. I have many bad paintings I never showed. Work everyday you can. Well... just have fun most important. Paint like you are 10 years keeps your work energized. I love to paint with other artists any chance I get to share the energy connection. That’s why taking classes and school are good. Make mistakes as much as you can... thats how you form your style and find your voice.

I plan to blog more here. I hope you enjoy it. If you do leave a comment on my Instagram page (I am on there as popkustomshoppe). Maybe we will hang on the same walls someday.
Until next time, Happy Trails! -Scott Aicher

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