Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Begin the begin...

(Two new shirt designs I am working on this week for the Shoppe...these will be ladies tank tees for summer hot weather. Get them at Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe at Crafted 110 e.22nd Street, San Pedro, CA 90731 space 151 in warehouse 10. Can't make it down there? Look for them soon in my ETSY shoppe (https//:www.etsy.com/shop/popkustomshoppe) ...and don't forget my website: www.scottaicher.com

I have been getting my shoppe filled up and stocked for a future I foresee being a lucrative one for myself (as long as I don't look back too often). I have gotten back to a place in my life that I thought was long gone. It's true you can't go back, but parts of the past are there in me still that I thought got lost long ago. Maybe it never left. One thing I know today is every morning is another chance to make good choices. I still have unbalanced days, but now I am aware most times when I get off the path. I woke up this morning swearing at the air, then realized the rest of the day would be pretty lame if I stayed like that. I had some of the coffee my wonderful wife makes for us each morning and to show gratitude went to do the grocery shopping. When i got home I felt I did a Good job of turning a bad start into a good day. 

Was it Jeff Bridges that said how he found success was to have someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to? The someone to love obviously is my wife, but in order to keep her happy she can't be the only one in my life that I love. My dog on the other hand, he just wants me around, but now and then I venture out in the world away from the couch on the search. I tend to keep it to my usual spots involving guitars, comic books, toys or records as that's my bag (but, you knew that, right?) so now and then I go hunting for something that hits the spot. I am pretty picky about exactly what I am hunting for that week is what I hope to find, but often it's not there that day. Internet hunting I really try to pace myself on. I get obsessed online. I find things I think I can't live without and when I get them in the mail I know immediately I don't need it to survive. Which brings me to the pit that is currently occupying my studio. I don't know which area of my collection piles up the fastest. I look around and its usually clear what this months objects are. It keeps building because this is me...this is what I am. Sometimes it inspires me like art books or music. The toys mostly I look at as sculptures. The guitar herd is currently getting thinned down, but I will return to obsessing on them another day and hopefully not regret purging a few. Purging is the only way to keep it balanced. There was I time I felt unworthy of all of it and in turn I felt unworthy of being loved, but as I took small steps toward better health and finally forgave myself for everything I found the wonderful guy that I am and I patted myself on the back and said to myself,"you are worthy". 

I have had to re-learn things. One thing I learned a few years back was I stopped drinking. It does not work for me. I get a buzz from collecting but I have to earn it to enjoy it and get the full effect of the reward. I have to make a few good decisions during the week. I few good walks. Do a few things around the house. Make smart choices. It has to mean something. Otherwise it's hoarding stuff. I really want to earn that package at the end of the week (something to look forward to). I can remember why, when and where I bought most of everything I own and now and then some things in my collection become part of someone else's collection. The balance is not to let it weigh you down. I don't see it the same today. They are all things I can live without. I have my wife and my dog and my health first and foremost. The rest is gravy. 

If you find these posts of mine a bit corny and sappy happy you are right. I make them to pick myself up. To think and remember all of the good decisions and choices I made this week. I telling myself, "hey you, lucky guy I like your smile" and what you want is not on the end of your fork. T.v. Ads will bring you down...don't let them grind you down. Don't worry what people say and don't take shit from jive turkeys. Stop contemplating, start celebrating... And quit apologizing for being you. You have a lot of heart. What's behind you, is not in front of you. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Here it comes! Let's get it!

Sent away mail order for these Mineshaft Comics to show that yes, they still make underground comics... I am not the only one going through pens and sketchbooks. I have been purging this week and sold some guitars and amps and I am thinking of what to let go of next. Had a few good talks with my best buddy Raul about the future and I am clearing a path in my cluttered life to reach some big goals. The shop is doing real well lately because I have put a lot into it recently getting ready for the brewery crowds which I know are on the way. Today I sold my Gibson (yeowch!) it will only sting for a bit, but I don't have the time to rock it and play it like it should be played so it's a good thing.

Getting ready to invest into silk screening equipment and what I am going to need to be a bit more independent and maybe be able to help my buddy in the future with screen making. Clearing out all of the clutter in my studio is first then we clean the garage. Once I clean out the clutter and get a few things sold I should have the funds for the equipment I need. One day at a time. Baby steps.

I am still on the good health path which means I am taking care of myself which brings a clear uncluttered mind and that's what I need to get things done. So far so good. Today was a great start and a turning point, so a may take a break tomorrow and read some comics. It really does not take much to make me happy. I have it pretty good right now. My friends and family are doing well. Things are good. I am patting myself on the back. Good work! Keep going!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Busy Summer

I have been going full steam the last few weeks getting ready for Brouwerij West. Not just new things in my own shop either. One thing I am working on is for their grand opening. No, I don't have a set day yet, but it is getting very close. They have power washed and cemented. The outside has a new wood skin and I heard the tanks are coming soon. Change is moving fast so I am filling the shop up. New greeting cards are in for birthdays, graduation and love with more planned. Waiting for new greeting card sets with some of my paintings on the front which should be here sometime this week. I had a nice coffee chat with Brian this week too. That guy is under so much pressure. Please go easy on him. He is doing all he can to get the brewery done and really so much is permits and things that have been what the wait is about, but I for one see it going together and I know Crafted is going to get big crowds as well.

The new space and remodel is really working out nice. The layout is more inviting and people are walking around the booth now. It was I bit intimidating with me right up front before, but my new counter (thanks crafted) has really help allow more access to things in the Shoppe.

My special thanks and shout outs to Keith at Krazy Korner for his valuable help getting me set up right in my new space and to both him and Olga for believing in me and not letting me give up. 
I am getting by with a little help from my friends. It's only going to get better and busier and I say bring it on.

See you down at Crafted From 11am to 6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
Have a bitchen summer! -Scott

Crafted 110 e.22nd street, San Pedro, CA 90731 in warehouse 10
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