Thursday, May 28, 2015

Avengers age of Ultron Memorial Day may Monday 2015

Finally got to see Avengers 2 with my better half. I really enjoyed it. The movie went to Hawkeye but dang that Black Widow and the Hulk romance thing was cool. I really like Scar Jo in this movie so I picked up her action figure along with some others this week. I don't really like throwing fuel at the corporate mouse monopoly, but soon they run everything... So says Hulk. 
We saw it in 3d which was nice, but the 3d parts looked much better in the Jurassic world trailer. Which I assume will be our next date if I can behave myself. I listened to a big podcast with loads of spoilers before I saw it, but overall I was not let down. Not very much from the Falcon, but I am told he has a good part in winter soldier which we plan to on demand sooner or later. I dug this classic ironman figure I found on my web search so I put him in the cart too along with spider woman who was sculpted so well she got put in the cart too. 
Tried to spend some time with my pup this week too and threw the squeaky (his fave toy) around a bit. He gets mad when I'm padding too much, which keeps me from working on art as well as time with him. The rest of the week was updating my Etsy shoppe putting up new things for sale and getting good and ready to deal with all the traffic that Broujeri West is going to bring to Crafted (where I have my shop called Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe in space 151) new this week to the shop is Craig Ibarra's epic San Pedro punk history book A Whaling of a Town which is a must read not just if you live here in Pedro but for the stories taken right from the backyards and nightspots way back when. My good buddy Gary Jacobelly told many of the stories and is usually hanging out at my shop if you need yer copy signed. Craig has told he he will sign my copies too. 
I really want to see the Mad Max too. My Mother and Father-in-law loved it and I have heard good things.
Until next time stay beautiful and watch the language....(that's an ultron joke folks!)
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

San Pedro Shred Festival of Sk8...June 7th, 2015

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The shred is almost here again. I did the poster again which I made into event shirts. I will be sellin them at the event this year at a special low price. My pals at Calimucho! Portland were kind enough to make a few poster in kind of a turquoise blue ink on thick 11x17 inch card stock. Very limited, so get there early if you want one. The shirts are printed on the front with the flyer design and on the right shoulder with my "moppy" man logo in black ink on 100% cotton heavy weight tees.
It should be very rad this year. I am looking forward to all the bands especially White Night and the awesome Audacity... And of course Candyland and Alleycats never disappoint. I have not heard Plan A but I think they are a hardcore band which is a good way to fire up the event.
My special thanks to Andy Harris and family and Calimucho! Portland ...very lucky to have them as friends. 
To all you skaters...please use safety gear and here's hoping for safe mellow flows down Gaffey. 
See you at the Shred! Aloha! -Scott Aicher