Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rewards and celebration.

I did some online shopping last week to celebrate getting my booth fixed up. I also wanted to celebrate without food, so this works just fine. I needed some new chucks and this time I went with low chocolate brown. I kind of wanted the new Warhol soup can chucks but they were too pricey. Since I saved some dough on the chucks I indulged on a Gigantor Hikari figure which as you can see is pretty dang rad. Growing up I collected Records by The Dickies and this reminds me of their 7" single "Gigantor" which I never did get because I went for about 100 bucks or so back in the 80's. I think you can get re-issues today on epay. (I still want a yellow vinyl copy and my birthday in June is coming up).
I got so much joy watching all the hardcore punks act like the kids they (we, I was one too) were singing and dancing along to this tune at every Dickies show. (I saw them a lot) They still tour all the time and are without question one of the best bands ever out of Los Angeles. giaaaaaantor, gaaaaaahnttorrrrrr. like that. Now you try....

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The all new Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe at Crafted, San Pedro

The shop space has moved over under the big fan and right in the front of Crafted in space 151.
This first weekend in the new space is going fantastic and the response and praise has been very very positive. Thank you all my crafted friends for your love and help getting me set up. It is going to be one awesome year. The brewery is under way as well as many many other improvements to Crafted. Thank you all for your support. I love every one of you. Crafted is located at 110 e. 22nd Street,in warehouse 10, San Pedro, CA 90731 ...I am there Friday thru Sunday from 11am to 6pm. My website is: ....(in case you can't make it down there in person my website has the link to my online Etsy Shop) I hope to see you down at the market!

Monday, April 6, 2015


I have been told to succeed in business I need to work on my online presence. I don't like to post my art on the Internet. It cheapens it. I have a physical shop that I display my art in and sometimes I work there too. (Here comes the promo info...) It is in a craft warehouse called Crafted in San Pedro, California. I also have a website with links to my etsy shop. I am on pintrest, Instagram, and facebook. 

I don't post a lot of my work unless it is for sale or has been shown already. I have a studio at home that is overflowing with art I have not shown yet. Art has become almost every minute of the day. Social media removes me from making art and turns me into a sales robot. I worked for many years making digital art in Photoshop etc... And it disconnected me from things that are real. Like the flowers in my wife's garden or the colors in the morning sunrise. 

Isolation can occur if all you do is stay in your studio or watch tv. Inspiration is found by research and exploration of nature. That is where the flow is. To make good art you develop your connection to the flow that is universal and shared by everyone. Some days are better than others. To be connected to your own flow it is best not to be too concerned and just let it happen. Which is how I try to live everyday. 

I have painting to do now, so I am going to get to it. Then I am going to play fetch with my dog.
Don't worry... I am sure I will be back online soon enough.