Monday, March 2, 2015

Hippies? Punks? Rock and Rollers? Which one?

That's my new shoppe card right there... Kind of hippy? We'll sort of... Given this new "final" grateful dead show tickets are now going for two grand on the secondary market I have to ask... Why? You can get your rock and roll on in your home town pretty cheap. Is any of this dead show money going to help anyone or just build more luxury cabins on Northern California beachfronts for the dead and phish dudes? Sounds like a lame excuse for aging hippies to fire one up one last time for Jerry who soul is never going to be at rest due to all of these peace creeps with the dough enough to throw at this non sense. Rolling stone did a big pretentious interview with Phil Lesh on how he is prepping to fill Jerry's shoes (...sandals?). Phil was quick to announce all of his guesses at which guitarists Jerry was channeling at which particular dead show. 

I guess I will get to the point. I love Rick Griffin's art... And Bob Crumb. Those dudes eventually made comics instead of hippie rock posters and the comics eventually became punk (or new wave) comics. Hippie spirit still lives in Rock and roll along side punk, the blues, jazz, be bop, hip hop...etc. the next generation belongs to the Mileys and Taylors and they don't know what groovy is. What's the harm in one last Dead show? How about raising money for a cause?

What kind of experience do you expect to have at a Grateful Dead reunion for $2,000.00?
You humans are strange alright. Peace Out!