Sunday, November 29, 2015

Small business Saturday at Crafted 2015

(James and Ali modeling their new shirts)

My thanks to everyone who came down to Pop Kustom Shoppe at Crafted for small business Saturday yesterday. Special thanks to Andy Harris and family for their usual reliable love and support. So wild to see his family growing and sprouting up so fast. We talked about channel street skate park reopening which he assured me is being worked on and is going to happen folks... We also talked about the San Pedro Shred festival of skate happening next year too and I am going to get an early start on the shirt and poster design as to make sure it looks rad enough to top my last designs from previous years.

My family came down to visit too. Andrew was off with his girl in downtown L.A. Checking out art galleries after thanksgiving but James and his girl Ali came down to the Shoppe and walked around crafted with Sharon and her mom for the afternoon. The boys I watched turn into men. Man it would have been nice to have more time with them this week but I am grateful to get to have them stop down to visit from Sonoma. That's Ali and James in the photo posted above modeling their new shirts. She is adorable james. So happy to see you both!

I have been very busy painting again and I will have a lot more work at the shoppe soon. I plan to have a reveal day for all the new work early next year (which is soon.) it is going to be pretty wild art.
Working on a Long Beach or Redondo Beach shirt next... Just have not decided which city yet. Email me and let me know what city you think would be a good shirt next. 

I discovered some old smaller prints this week that I used to sell. I only found a few sets of them but they are pretty fun. There is a different San Pedro design and a Santa Claus and a few others. Raul has been busy with Calimucho and touring but I will contact him after this week for more shirts as they are moving fast this week as are the poster we silk screened. He was thinking we should make hoodies soon and I think that sounds like a plan.

Angela Romie stopped in back from her travels to New Orleans and it was good to see her home safe. She bought one of the old new found prints and said she is still working on crafted interviews and things and I think she is still busy with her That's so Pedro Podcast which I got the honor of being a guest on awhile back... Check it out if you have a chance.

I finished another commission painting for my Uncle Bill from my moms family this month which is on display at the shoppe until he picks it up when he comes down for his usual monthly visit. This on has goofy, Dudley do right, some Warner brothers guys building a snow man (kind of a winter theme) people are really liking seeing it hanging up and they love hearing how he is commissioning me to paint this series of paintings. He has told me he wants me to paint 20 paintings all about the same size. I think this one makes it about number 9 so far. He has quite an imagination and has been one of the biggest supporters of my art life. He bought me Kiss records and comic book subscriptions for my birthday when I was growing up which were what inspired me to become an artist. He loves sports and is very knowledgable about baseball, football, golf even horse racing. He is a pretty passionate movie goer so I get my movie reviews from him too. He collects toy like me too and it's always fun to hear what he has picked up in his latest toy hunts.

I got the garage at home cleared out a bit to make room to work out there this summer. I managed next to get my studio fixed up a bit more so I can work in there again now and pretty soon I will have access to my record collection and guitar amp again to play some music and plug in the twangers again and turn up the noise a bit. I started painting again which I was kind of wondering what was next painting wise as I had been making shop art for so long I had not worked in anything bigger for awhile and I was sort of waiting to see when inspiration would kick in again and it did when I reclaimed my work space at home and donated some of my toy collection to the less fortunate for Christmas.

Things are great and I am very grateful for all of your support this last year. Online sales have been good too so thank you all for visiting and shopping on my Etsy online shop site (just go to Etsy and Search my name Scott Aicher or Aicher's pop Kustom shoppe (https//

Very happy holidays and I will see you all down at Crafted, the home of hand made 110 e.22nd street, San Pedro, CA 90731 in warehouse 10. My shoppe is located in space 151a right near the front entrance. See you soon and Thank You! Sincerely, Scott Aicher

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Force Friday

So Force Friday came and went... If you don't already know, Force Friday was September 2nd 2015 when all of the new Star Wars things went on sale at midnight...sort of... What happened was a handful of people brought their phone cameras to vlog post their experience. Some footage made you tube. I was waiting for it to be over the next day in hopes to find lots of happy posts of happy fans in line and in stores. I think it might be expecting too much from the current young people to embrace Star Wars. Most of the adults taking their kids to force Friday grew up with phantom menace being their intro to the much larger world of the force. If you remember the rush to stand in line for that movies midnight toy reveal it was flooded with product...all of it now worth less than original retail price. So this time they put less product out. What was there on the shelves seemed to be pretty well thought out and the surprise I assume is they held back most of the new characters from the movie. I am told they are saving the rest for December when the movie comes out.

I love Star Wars but truthfully Disney is so massive now I really don't want to buy tons of the new movie things. I have collected for some time now. Some of my good friends work for Disney and I am very glad to see them involved with Star Wars now. One of my buddies I used to work with and collect figures with at lunch time got the chance to design some of the new packaging. I am so stoked for him and I imagine his son must be overjoyed and so proud of his dad. 

I love what Walt Disney did in his lifetime, but I don't think he would have necessarily have been a Star Wars fan... I am happy for my friends that work there, but Disney is so massive now I can't say I dig that big of a corporate machine. I slowed way down on my action figure collecting long ago too. One day I hope to make my own toys on some small level. I guess why I don't is plastic. I don't want to put more plastic out there. I really don't know the conditions of the factories that make Star Wars toys. Some toy companies like figures toy co. Show photos of their factories, but how do you really know how the workers are treated? Sorry if this is a bummer toy collectors...but that's my take on collecting now. Can I live without it? Yes. 

Well, one thing is certain...I am looking forward to the movie. I made the decision to buy one new figure. I bought the 20 inch captain phasma from jakks pacific. I got it online real cheap. My wife bought a remote control darth Vader car on the Q too mostly for me and my dog to play with in the back yard. I have never owned a remote control car, so that should be fun.

I don't care for the snarky comments from some of these kids posting videos of force Friday who are obviously not fans, but hey I was once an angry young man so a long as they are not hurting anyone...whateves... Hey cool guys, we know you just went to buy toys to sell on eBay later for profit, and it's not your thing...may the cash be with you. 

It's entertainment. That's all it is. It supposed to be fun. 
I stared collecting toys when I gave up cigarettes and alcohol years ago. I thought we might have kids to pass them on to someday... Well we did not have kids. Toy collecting got a bit addicting but thankfully we just don't have the room for too much. Sometimes if I have mint in box toys I donate them to toy drives. 

I don't let myself get too caught up in entertainment. I try to entertain myself with my own art mostly, but art books and toys can be inspiring at times, so now and then I do love new toys and books. The movies are nice too, but I love more getting the object to hold and imagining the right now...we don't know anything really about the Force Awakens, but we have a handful of new figures to imagine what we can expect. A giant chrome female storm trooper for me is a great place to start.

Too bad Siskel and Ebert are going to miss it.
See you at the movies!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Researching the blues

Today I watched the new Keith Richards documentary on Netflix. I have always wanted to be a rock star first and artist second growing up, but art won and here I am today. Music has been the most important art supply I ever bought. A good record can help you find the connection to the flow of the painting almost right away. I had the chance to meet many of my idols. Many were rock stars and more were artists. Most of the artists I love have a connection to music in some way. Watching this documentary made me want to play guitar today, and I will. The part about being a good artist is the magic happens when you let go and let it take over. Usually most artists work in solitude in a studio. Time passes fast for me as an artist or painter...whatever...I sit and work and the world happens. I get so focused I get lost. I forget to take care of my life and myself. I have at times gone so far I have lost my sense of humor. Note to self: don't ever lose your sense of humor. Guitar can be a challenge for me. Using the left hand instead etc... Sometimes I play very well, but usually I'm the only one who hears it. I have always thought I had to play three chord rock, but I got this nylon classical acoustic at a flea market awhile back that has this wonderful tone. I am working on music here and there. I am going to try and sing too. I bought an old tape recorder online awhile back and I am going to use it this week to start working on signing and songs. I don't like my voice that much, but I f you don't dance and sing once in awhile you are missing out on life. I really don't want to play for anyone but my wife, dog and my close friends, but I have learned that if you practice a lot you get past that fear. That's what guitar is for me facing my fears. Singing is even a bigger fear, but I will work towards it. Most likely I will sing silly songs, but I don't know yet what it will be. Last time I tried it was trying to do a replacements/teenage fan club thing. Maybe it will be me and my acocutic guitar solo someday (well yeah...just like this afternoon). My dog falls asleep when I play and he seems to enjoy it. For now it's my escape. I have been taking time to take care of myself and my health too. Taking care of things at home. Watching this documentary today seeing keef at home and listening to records I sure miss my uncle Don who named his first born son Keith... He sure would have dug it. Lots of love in this documentary. I reccomend it. I want to get Keefs new cd, but I just ordered the new Wilco and Los Lobos cds recently so I gotta get to those first. From what I have heard so far I really like it. If you have never watched hail hail rock and roll you shoul see that too. I must have watched it 20 times or so on t.v. Growing up. The dialog between Keith and Chuck are so incredible, and the part were chuck sings by himself in his dim lit house... Just check that one out... My favorite Stones lp? So hard to choose but the Keith moments on them make them great. The first Keith moments I fell in love with were on Some Girls... When the whip comes down, and even though Mick sang far away eyes that tune is so Keith and it might be my fave Stones tune, but don't make me pick...o.k.? 

Be safe and take care! -Scott

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Long break time

I have taken a long break from social media. I will update my website and my Etsy page but recently I have just become ill from the state of the world and I just need some time off from FB.

I have been back to taking care of my health and looking after the house. The studio got cleaned up some. I took a summer break to smell the roses and just enjoy the work I have put in to get me to where I am today. My shoppe is doing fine and is full of shirts, posters and overflowing with my art. My dog and I are bonding and he is making great progress in listening and hopefully we will be walking arround the neighborhood soon together.

 I have been reading The Book of You by Dr.Oz which has helped me with morning stretches and healthy recipes. It has great illustrations of the human systems and it's pretty funny to read. I got into an old comic book called Moon Knight which I got the first run of online pretty cheap. 

 I am working on another painting for my Uncle Bill on my mom's side of the family. This one he wants Hanna Barberra's wacky racers vs. a made up hot rod of villains. He's pretty cleaver with his ideas and it's fun to paint for someone who really enjoys the work. He and I both collect action figures and comics. He often gave me subscriptions to marvel comics for my birthday growing up.

I have been working on my Alien guitar lately too. I got some new pickup covers and knobs in silver. I also picked up some better black tuners. It may need to go up to Alvas Music soon to get the final details done. I also finished a new flyer for Toys That Kill yesterday that turned out great. It's for a local show here in town this October. 

I have been wearing my carpel tunnel brace on my left hand which has helped a lot. I am back playing guitar again too. Really fun to be playing again. I found a book of lyrics I wrote in my studio too. I woke up this morning thinking of band names. The one I thought up I liked the most today was The Book Readers. The weather is cooling hopefully which makes jamming easier. 

I mostly like playing my nylon acoustic I picked up at the flea market for 20 bucks and fixed up. The dog loves to hear my play. He falls asleep when I that good or bad? I stopped drinking diet cokes about six moths ago too. I switched to unsweetened iced tea and black coffee. I tried a Diet Coke a few weeks ago and could not stomach it, so I guess that's that. Also gave up ice cream too. I'm a bit lactose intolerant anyway so I switched to nonfat zero fro yo fro trader joes awhile back and frozen mango to beat the heat. Did I mention ice water? Lots of that too.

I plan on making new poster with the new flyer design soon this month... Maybe I will have them in time for the show on the 17th. Of course with help from my pals at Calimucho, San Pedro again. In the next blog I hope to take some photos around the studio that show my work process. Maybe that will be a page on my website? I know people want to see how I do the art so I hope to have that for you guys soon.

Until next time, be kind to animals...even humans... 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tinkering project

Working on finishing up this long time project. I found this guitar at a flea market in town. It's a 1987 (I think?) Squire Bullet Strat. It was blue and beat up when I got it. I think I paid 20 bucks for it. The parts worked sort of but needed re-wired which was fine because I had to strip it all down to paint it anyway. I painted it with acrylic paint and 11 coats of krylon crystal clear coat I think... Maybe satin clear because it's kind of satin finish...anyway... I had it for sale for $800.00 in my shoppe for about a year or so. It got attention and a few close offers (I would have gone as low as 500) well I just decided to hang on to it. The paint job is an homage to the late H.R. Giger whom I have loved since Alien first hit theaters. (Did you know he also designed the batmoble for batman forever?) Today I tracked down the parts I need to finish this project.... Chrome pickup covers, switch knob and volume knobs. I also found some black mini tuners (I was looking for matte silver, but could only find locking ones and I just want basic tuners for this) picked up a batch of new stainless steel pick guard screws too. Now I just have to wait for the parts, in the mean time I got two new sets of extra slinkys from Alvas Music (they re-wired and did the full set up after I painted the thing too) I oiled the neck which had got a bit faded from all the sun at my shoppe. I used the oil my wife got me for my dry elbows, Aragon oil... It seemed to work just fine. I put on one of the slinky sets and cleaned off the dust from the warehouse (my shoppe is inside an old ww2 navy warehouse) I have been cleaning the studio and when it gets cooler I will plug it in to my Princeton (it's sold state, not tube, but someday I hope to upgrade to tube but it does the job for now) it's a low budge model but it's super light and very thin fast neck and the set up from Alvas was fantastic...the frets are still gleaming. When I get it all done I will try to add an update here. Keep on rockin in the free world!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Begin the begin...

(Two new shirt designs I am working on this week for the Shoppe...these will be ladies tank tees for summer hot weather. Get them at Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe at Crafted 110 e.22nd Street, San Pedro, CA 90731 space 151 in warehouse 10. Can't make it down there? Look for them soon in my ETSY shoppe (https// ...and don't forget my website:

I have been getting my shoppe filled up and stocked for a future I foresee being a lucrative one for myself (as long as I don't look back too often). I have gotten back to a place in my life that I thought was long gone. It's true you can't go back, but parts of the past are there in me still that I thought got lost long ago. Maybe it never left. One thing I know today is every morning is another chance to make good choices. I still have unbalanced days, but now I am aware most times when I get off the path. I woke up this morning swearing at the air, then realized the rest of the day would be pretty lame if I stayed like that. I had some of the coffee my wonderful wife makes for us each morning and to show gratitude went to do the grocery shopping. When i got home I felt I did a Good job of turning a bad start into a good day. 

Was it Jeff Bridges that said how he found success was to have someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to? The someone to love obviously is my wife, but in order to keep her happy she can't be the only one in my life that I love. My dog on the other hand, he just wants me around, but now and then I venture out in the world away from the couch on the search. I tend to keep it to my usual spots involving guitars, comic books, toys or records as that's my bag (but, you knew that, right?) so now and then I go hunting for something that hits the spot. I am pretty picky about exactly what I am hunting for that week is what I hope to find, but often it's not there that day. Internet hunting I really try to pace myself on. I get obsessed online. I find things I think I can't live without and when I get them in the mail I know immediately I don't need it to survive. Which brings me to the pit that is currently occupying my studio. I don't know which area of my collection piles up the fastest. I look around and its usually clear what this months objects are. It keeps building because this is me...this is what I am. Sometimes it inspires me like art books or music. The toys mostly I look at as sculptures. The guitar herd is currently getting thinned down, but I will return to obsessing on them another day and hopefully not regret purging a few. Purging is the only way to keep it balanced. There was I time I felt unworthy of all of it and in turn I felt unworthy of being loved, but as I took small steps toward better health and finally forgave myself for everything I found the wonderful guy that I am and I patted myself on the back and said to myself,"you are worthy". 

I have had to re-learn things. One thing I learned a few years back was I stopped drinking. It does not work for me. I get a buzz from collecting but I have to earn it to enjoy it and get the full effect of the reward. I have to make a few good decisions during the week. I few good walks. Do a few things around the house. Make smart choices. It has to mean something. Otherwise it's hoarding stuff. I really want to earn that package at the end of the week (something to look forward to). I can remember why, when and where I bought most of everything I own and now and then some things in my collection become part of someone else's collection. The balance is not to let it weigh you down. I don't see it the same today. They are all things I can live without. I have my wife and my dog and my health first and foremost. The rest is gravy. 

If you find these posts of mine a bit corny and sappy happy you are right. I make them to pick myself up. To think and remember all of the good decisions and choices I made this week. I telling myself, "hey you, lucky guy I like your smile" and what you want is not on the end of your fork. T.v. Ads will bring you down...don't let them grind you down. Don't worry what people say and don't take shit from jive turkeys. Stop contemplating, start celebrating... And quit apologizing for being you. You have a lot of heart. What's behind you, is not in front of you. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Here it comes! Let's get it!

Sent away mail order for these Mineshaft Comics to show that yes, they still make underground comics... I am not the only one going through pens and sketchbooks. I have been purging this week and sold some guitars and amps and I am thinking of what to let go of next. Had a few good talks with my best buddy Raul about the future and I am clearing a path in my cluttered life to reach some big goals. The shop is doing real well lately because I have put a lot into it recently getting ready for the brewery crowds which I know are on the way. Today I sold my Gibson (yeowch!) it will only sting for a bit, but I don't have the time to rock it and play it like it should be played so it's a good thing.

Getting ready to invest into silk screening equipment and what I am going to need to be a bit more independent and maybe be able to help my buddy in the future with screen making. Clearing out all of the clutter in my studio is first then we clean the garage. Once I clean out the clutter and get a few things sold I should have the funds for the equipment I need. One day at a time. Baby steps.

I am still on the good health path which means I am taking care of myself which brings a clear uncluttered mind and that's what I need to get things done. So far so good. Today was a great start and a turning point, so a may take a break tomorrow and read some comics. It really does not take much to make me happy. I have it pretty good right now. My friends and family are doing well. Things are good. I am patting myself on the back. Good work! Keep going!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Busy Summer

I have been going full steam the last few weeks getting ready for Brouwerij West. Not just new things in my own shop either. One thing I am working on is for their grand opening. No, I don't have a set day yet, but it is getting very close. They have power washed and cemented. The outside has a new wood skin and I heard the tanks are coming soon. Change is moving fast so I am filling the shop up. New greeting cards are in for birthdays, graduation and love with more planned. Waiting for new greeting card sets with some of my paintings on the front which should be here sometime this week. I had a nice coffee chat with Brian this week too. That guy is under so much pressure. Please go easy on him. He is doing all he can to get the brewery done and really so much is permits and things that have been what the wait is about, but I for one see it going together and I know Crafted is going to get big crowds as well.

The new space and remodel is really working out nice. The layout is more inviting and people are walking around the booth now. It was I bit intimidating with me right up front before, but my new counter (thanks crafted) has really help allow more access to things in the Shoppe.

My special thanks and shout outs to Keith at Krazy Korner for his valuable help getting me set up right in my new space and to both him and Olga for believing in me and not letting me give up. 
I am getting by with a little help from my friends. It's only going to get better and busier and I say bring it on.

See you down at Crafted From 11am to 6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
Have a bitchen summer! -Scott

Crafted 110 e.22nd street, San Pedro, CA 90731 in warehouse 10
....and if you can't make it down there, shop at my Etsy Shoppe:

Don't forget my website:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Dreaming

I have left behind so much in the last year or so. I am trying not to look back, but looking back has always been such a part of who I am. I try to live every moment and every breath as they come and focus on what good choices I am going to make today. I have such a great supportive wife and friends who keep me focused. The ones around me now in this part of my life I am certain will be at my side for the rest of the journey. Aside from making art which has become the everyday thing I look for distractions from the day to day. I used to play guitar when I really got the blues or was feeling overjoyed but I'm not able to do that as much these days. I feel my rock and rolling self slowing and a maturing and a deeper sense of life taking over. It's not growing up. Getting older yes, but I can accept many things now for what they are. My younger self would have wanted to hang out with Paul Stanley at a Kiss concert, but now I would really rather paint with him in a studio of other artists. There is a connection with creativity that makes sense to me now. I had to learn what it was on my own. I always wondered why I made art, but I did it so long it just became part of who I am. I let go of trying to understand creativity and just did the work. Just like writing this right now I just let it happen. My wife's garden has more color than I could ever hope to paint. She gave me my art education over the years and taught me that inspiration for art is often found in the art of other artists. I collect art books often. I ask other artists what artists they like. A good art friend is one that will turn you on to an artist you did not know about. Music used to be mysterious like that too. When punk was happening it was not easy to get a hold of the records. You had friends who traded tapes from radio shows and made fanzines you mailed away for. I sent away for spike bracelets from the Pouser of Hollywood catalog and for a back issues of Flipside comic relief issue that taught you "how to draw skulls". It took weeks to get them in the mail. The Internet gives it to you immediately and corrects your spelling at the same time. I worked on computers for years and realized early on the value of hand painted paintings. It's still there for me when I make the art. It as valuable as a spike bracelet i waited for three months for by my mail box. Maybe the rock and roll will come back. Maybe I just need to get out and see some bands again. It's hard not to have the music being not as big a part of the art today. My invironments I am in these days don't have a lot of rock and roll unless I make the effort to make sure it has some playing. This tablet takes away time too. I think I will start a new painting. Later.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Avengers age of Ultron Memorial Day may Monday 2015

Finally got to see Avengers 2 with my better half. I really enjoyed it. The movie went to Hawkeye but dang that Black Widow and the Hulk romance thing was cool. I really like Scar Jo in this movie so I picked up her action figure along with some others this week. I don't really like throwing fuel at the corporate mouse monopoly, but soon they run everything... So says Hulk. 
We saw it in 3d which was nice, but the 3d parts looked much better in the Jurassic world trailer. Which I assume will be our next date if I can behave myself. I listened to a big podcast with loads of spoilers before I saw it, but overall I was not let down. Not very much from the Falcon, but I am told he has a good part in winter soldier which we plan to on demand sooner or later. I dug this classic ironman figure I found on my web search so I put him in the cart too along with spider woman who was sculpted so well she got put in the cart too. 
Tried to spend some time with my pup this week too and threw the squeaky (his fave toy) around a bit. He gets mad when I'm padding too much, which keeps me from working on art as well as time with him. The rest of the week was updating my Etsy shoppe putting up new things for sale and getting good and ready to deal with all the traffic that Broujeri West is going to bring to Crafted (where I have my shop called Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe in space 151) new this week to the shop is Craig Ibarra's epic San Pedro punk history book A Whaling of a Town which is a must read not just if you live here in Pedro but for the stories taken right from the backyards and nightspots way back when. My good buddy Gary Jacobelly told many of the stories and is usually hanging out at my shop if you need yer copy signed. Craig has told he he will sign my copies too. 
I really want to see the Mad Max too. My Mother and Father-in-law loved it and I have heard good things.
Until next time stay beautiful and watch the language....(that's an ultron joke folks!)
Don't forget to check out my etsy shoppe: https// 🎨

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

San Pedro Shred Festival of Sk8...June 7th, 2015

Shirts and posters now avialible at my online shoppe: #https//

The shred is almost here again. I did the poster again which I made into event shirts. I will be sellin them at the event this year at a special low price. My pals at Calimucho! Portland were kind enough to make a few poster in kind of a turquoise blue ink on thick 11x17 inch card stock. Very limited, so get there early if you want one. The shirts are printed on the front with the flyer design and on the right shoulder with my "moppy" man logo in black ink on 100% cotton heavy weight tees.
It should be very rad this year. I am looking forward to all the bands especially White Night and the awesome Audacity... And of course Candyland and Alleycats never disappoint. I have not heard Plan A but I think they are a hardcore band which is a good way to fire up the event.
My special thanks to Andy Harris and family and Calimucho! Portland ...very lucky to have them as friends. 
To all you skaters...please use safety gear and here's hoping for safe mellow flows down Gaffey. 
See you at the Shred! Aloha! -Scott Aicher

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rewards and celebration.

I did some online shopping last week to celebrate getting my booth fixed up. I also wanted to celebrate without food, so this works just fine. I needed some new chucks and this time I went with low chocolate brown. I kind of wanted the new Warhol soup can chucks but they were too pricey. Since I saved some dough on the chucks I indulged on a Gigantor Hikari figure which as you can see is pretty dang rad. Growing up I collected Records by The Dickies and this reminds me of their 7" single "Gigantor" which I never did get because I went for about 100 bucks or so back in the 80's. I think you can get re-issues today on epay. (I still want a yellow vinyl copy and my birthday in June is coming up).
I got so much joy watching all the hardcore punks act like the kids they (we, I was one too) were singing and dancing along to this tune at every Dickies show. (I saw them a lot) They still tour all the time and are without question one of the best bands ever out of Los Angeles. giaaaaaantor, gaaaaaahnttorrrrrr. like that. Now you try....

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The all new Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe at Crafted, San Pedro

The shop space has moved over under the big fan and right in the front of Crafted in space 151.
This first weekend in the new space is going fantastic and the response and praise has been very very positive. Thank you all my crafted friends for your love and help getting me set up. It is going to be one awesome year. The brewery is under way as well as many many other improvements to Crafted. Thank you all for your support. I love every one of you. Crafted is located at 110 e. 22nd Street,in warehouse 10, San Pedro, CA 90731 ...I am there Friday thru Sunday from 11am to 6pm. My website is: ....(in case you can't make it down there in person my website has the link to my online Etsy Shop) I hope to see you down at the market!

Monday, April 6, 2015


I have been told to succeed in business I need to work on my online presence. I don't like to post my art on the Internet. It cheapens it. I have a physical shop that I display my art in and sometimes I work there too. (Here comes the promo info...) It is in a craft warehouse called Crafted in San Pedro, California. I also have a website with links to my etsy shop. I am on pintrest, Instagram, and facebook. 

I don't post a lot of my work unless it is for sale or has been shown already. I have a studio at home that is overflowing with art I have not shown yet. Art has become almost every minute of the day. Social media removes me from making art and turns me into a sales robot. I worked for many years making digital art in Photoshop etc... And it disconnected me from things that are real. Like the flowers in my wife's garden or the colors in the morning sunrise. 

Isolation can occur if all you do is stay in your studio or watch tv. Inspiration is found by research and exploration of nature. That is where the flow is. To make good art you develop your connection to the flow that is universal and shared by everyone. Some days are better than others. To be connected to your own flow it is best not to be too concerned and just let it happen. Which is how I try to live everyday. 

I have painting to do now, so I am going to get to it. Then I am going to play fetch with my dog.
Don't worry... I am sure I will be back online soon enough.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hippies? Punks? Rock and Rollers? Which one?

That's my new shoppe card right there... Kind of hippy? We'll sort of... Given this new "final" grateful dead show tickets are now going for two grand on the secondary market I have to ask... Why? You can get your rock and roll on in your home town pretty cheap. Is any of this dead show money going to help anyone or just build more luxury cabins on Northern California beachfronts for the dead and phish dudes? Sounds like a lame excuse for aging hippies to fire one up one last time for Jerry who soul is never going to be at rest due to all of these peace creeps with the dough enough to throw at this non sense. Rolling stone did a big pretentious interview with Phil Lesh on how he is prepping to fill Jerry's shoes (...sandals?). Phil was quick to announce all of his guesses at which guitarists Jerry was channeling at which particular dead show. 

I guess I will get to the point. I love Rick Griffin's art... And Bob Crumb. Those dudes eventually made comics instead of hippie rock posters and the comics eventually became punk (or new wave) comics. Hippie spirit still lives in Rock and roll along side punk, the blues, jazz, be bop, hip hop...etc. the next generation belongs to the Mileys and Taylors and they don't know what groovy is. What's the harm in one last Dead show? How about raising money for a cause?

What kind of experience do you expect to have at a Grateful Dead reunion for $2,000.00?
You humans are strange alright. Peace Out!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What would Fonzie do?

You all know how cool I am, right? Well it takes practice... Most mornings I get up I look at myself in the mirror and I tend to judge myself right away. On better days I think of this image in my mind of the Fonz going to comb his hair but stops because the image he sees looking back is perfect. I practice this every day. The guy in in mirror is the Coolest! Other days can be like the Black Flag Damaged lp cover, but the question is... Do you love that guy? Well, do ya?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015.

The varnish is still drying on this painting I started on New Year's Eve after seeing Tim Burton's Big Eyes film that day. I finished it up today (New Years morning). I have been annually painting in the new year for some time now. This film was very inspirational and Amy Adams did a great job portraying the life of an artist. I have had such a similar path in many ways. I highly recommend this film to anyone who paints. I have always felt someone would have used her concept eventually if she had not. I love her work and her playful spirit. Bravo Margret! Aloha!