Friday, November 21, 2014


An old friend who I had not spoken to in a while (mostly because he always wants to use my art to make money for him) called me this week with yet another job for me. It had a 3 day deadline but I was promised a good payday and I really thought maybe this friend was trying to help me out. He baited me with old stories to get me excited about the project and even talked about taking a road trip to visit another friend. Everything was awesome... I got the work done and sent it in. Once it was in their hands I was told it wa not what they wanted even though I sent lots of concept art and sketches. It looks like I may not get paid at all for 3 days of my life, but sometimes just getting people like this out of your life can be the reward. The job was for a hotrod company. The art that was rejected is posted above. I was told it was too much of my thing... My first mistake was picking up the phone to talk to him. 

My new path has less of these people on it. I am glad this happened. I signed no contracts so I guess I still own all of this art. I am sure they will try and sell it to the company they were working with. Who knows.... I just draw the art and stay on the path. Humans sure are strange sometimes. That's how it goes...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pop Kustom Shoppe is ready for the holidays!

We are loaded up with new work down at the shop which is inside a craft market called Crafted 110 e.22nd street in warehouse 10, San Pedro, Ca, 90731... My shop is called Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe located in space 118a. I'm there Friday thru Sunday from 11am to 6pm. The market has many weekend events and lots of other shops that sell handmade things. Some weekends we have live music and wine tasting (they call it sip and shop) it's family friendly and their is a creation station with activities for the young ones. My shop is located in the back left hand corner. Look for the banners with the honey bees out on 22nd street. Warehouse 9 in in front of warehouse 10 and is being converted to a brewery and artisan food market and I am told they are planning some events before they open next year to give folks an idea about their beers and plans... I don't drink but I have talked to folks that are raving about how good the beer is. They travel the world for their ingredients and they tell me they will have a cafe too. 

I am working on two or three new book projects that should be done by the beginning of next year (soon) so when I can I will let you know when I am ready to launch them. Finally we got some rain and hopefully more soon. The clouds inspire me often and I love the day after the rain. The sunrises and sunsets have been glorious lately and if you have not seen them in a while you should. Living in and growing up Southern California it sometimes escapes me how pretty it is here. 

Be kind to humans... See you at the market!