Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Onward! Paint like you mean it...

I have noticed this younger generation has found their voice. The new music escapes me and hipster culture has arrived... Don't be confused grungers we are indeed old and are in no way "hip". We are, however, the last pre digital age. I started painting classes when I saw the art of Robert Williams' first books. It blew my mind that art may become as radical and bitchen as surfing and rock and roll so I set out to build an art ark (a big body of paintings) to sail out of the 90's and into the future. Now that we have the digital age and folks just steal any image or recording they want it is all the more important to show these eager young hipsters how to paint and draw. Due to the leftover stoner culture of yesterday it is now,"cute" and "hey that's neat" to paint or draw by hand. At least that's what they tell me. Don't talk about it, do it. Do it while they still make paper and canvas. It does not cost much and your mind will take you to new places if you open it up enough. Once apon a time we had art departments to run and the hipsters took them over. Don't lose your sense of humor but let's not be just crass and slapstick... Make it good! I see hope for us all still, but it takes hard work. I don't care if you want to use your cell phones or play video games all day. That's stress relief for some. On line shopping will convince you you need it even more. The machine has begun its mission to overthrow humanity and humanity is eagerly craving more. I am reaching out to those of you who still care as I do.  If you see an artist and you like the work and buy it it makes a difference. U2 wants your mind and money. Another Irish band had a song about a suspect device. They still play today too. Joey Ramone is spinning in his grave. I had to rant a bit about this. Thanks for listening. Get to work! ...did you get the new Motörhead cd yet?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Saccharine Trust at the Warner Annex coming Friday, Sept. 24th

All hands on deck, ya pirates! The mighty Sacchrine Trust is playing in town. I have know Jack for some time now and if you have not attended a Jack Brewer show in person you are missing out. He is by far the best poet in Los Angeles (ask around) his show is always unpredictable and have never left a show of his without feeling changed for the better for being there to witness it. This band in particular is legendary and blazed huge new paths in sonic power since they began. Then you got Joe Biza... Far and away the most amazing guitar player, and if not for getting a flyer draw by Biza years ago I may not have ever attempted drawing flyers (the first flyers I got were by Pettibon, then when I got a Biza flyer I knew that's what I wanted to do...) This show is being put on Guitar Safari who if you don't already know is the one and only place to get vintage guitars and a history lesson in punk at the same time.

Here's my Jack Brewer story... My friend John played bass in Jack's band and I sometimes did flyers for him. In the 90's I worked at Peanut Records in Lomita and was kind of hooked on buying records. My fave band at the time (and I was obsessing on them) was Sonic Youth and I had a Kool Thing for Kim Gordon... So much that I painted her on my leather jacket next to Lydia Lunch (I was digging her too) they did an in store at Rhino Records in Westwood...it was secret but I knew about it and brought my leather and black light sonic youth poster from tannis root to get signed. 

So when I got to Kim I was all excited and I showed her my jacket and suddenly standing by Thurston Moore (they were married) I felt like a stalker... Well Jack Brewer was playing the show and stopped over to talk to me and Kim said,"you know Jack?" And Thurston started talking to me about how much he loved Saccharine Trust and when Jack took the stage Kim and Thurston hung out with me the rest of the day. 

The next day I went with my friend Dave Naz and Lee Ranaldo to a Robert Williams singing at Golden Apple comics, and told him I wanted to paint like him, but did not have enough time... Robert told me,"you have to make the time..." So I did. I can also tell you this...Lee Ranaldo is the nicest guy in rock and roll. 

I still have my jacket, tannis root sonic youth black light poster, and signed robt. Williams poster.
 I get by with a little help from my friends...

Go to the show!