Monday, April 14, 2014

Good week! I had fun!

 John Ransom, Rock Star and Sign Painter came down to share some good vibes and I had him sign a Little Playmate he scored for me. I am not sure if I will use it for a lunch cooler or to carry my paints and pens in, but I am stoked to have this and I will always remember I have a cool friend.... I think I have a cool theme going this week so here are some more cool things....
 Olga from Kool Corner (Keith and Olga run it, it's a record shop/art and handmade purse etc. shop at Crafted) made these homemade fresh cookies for everyone at crafted. I think they had some extra vanilla... It was supremely tasty! I love them both very much!
 Now you see it, now you don't.... I must also mention I did have a sliver of John's Homemade Banana Cake with some type of awesome maple frosting with pecans I think from San Pedro Art Association (We call him "The Mayor") I used the 3 bite strategy on it... first bite you taste it and get the aroma, second bite experince it and savor it. 3rd bite to satisfy and complete it. Thanks for all the love given this week everyone!
 I finished my helmet given to me to paint by a fellow artist. It has some pretty loco stuff in the details... sorry kids, this one is for grown ups and I can't zoom in on it. Dang.
 The Silver Kings once again rip the roof off the joint... Harmonica solo would have made Little Walter switch to guitar... these guys are Jedis!
The Mego Happy Hays gang made it to my porch via Epay and Dorothy (My mother in law... she finds things I like at flea markets and garage sales and sometime we hunt for things as a family) found a Yoda Pez (well he's not in the photo that's the Kiss pez she gave my for Christmas... how does she know what I like? She is a good listener with a big heart she and George are good people and I thank my lucky stars my beautiful wife has such great parents!) and this Scottie Bank for me which I will use to save my rainy day funds in for future treasure hunting. 

That handsome gent in the photo with me is The Professor (Barry) he has a photography/art space down at Crafted. He is an amazing philosopher and scienetist who formulates his dreams via his passion for aviation into things of wonder and I am told he is Spongebob Squarepants' number one amigo and I have a great deal of respect for him. He is a good friend and took his place in my heart very fast. We had some serious fun yesterday down there and I think Tito wanted to join us but was too busy doing workerman things, but he is welcome to join us when Squidword is not looking (I love you Tito!) One day I will bring in my Snake vs. Mongoose Hotwheels track and race my amigos with it, but even I need to focus on real life time now and then, but you can't make me....a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kissmainia! The final chapter?

So here is my latest fanboy report. Paul Stanley book is due at my door today and all the smack talking has got me kinda bummed. I read a good Ace interview today that put some kind of clear thought to it all. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had good intentions (and a big payday for themselves in mind) when they asked the original 4 to play and be inducted, but now Captain Blood has stopped it to show us all one more time who steers the boat and holds the loot.... and once again Ace and Peter get thrown under the bus to down play their contribution to the band (resulting often in the pair being fan favorites). I have heard the Paul book bashes Gene pretty good too, but what I want to know is my answer to Paul's age old question "Do You Love Me?" ....after this book I assume I will have my answer. I am considering an honorable discharge from my post as a General Major in the Kiss Army after my 30someodd years in service. My father in law stopped over with an article about the Kiss football team's first big show and i think we might be better off seeing a Cubs/Dodger game some time instead. The last time Kiss lost me was not "The Elder" it was when they took off the paint. I liked that they made new characters instead of using Ace and peter's masks. I think the current line up is fine if you are a new fan especially if you are in the military and like football, but the jocks beat me down for liking Kiss and my parents told me if I did not get it together they would send me to military school, so where does that leave me? Ace said it best/ Our fans stuck by us for 40 years and we can't give them 10 goddamn minutes? All this may be hype.... maybe they will play and surprise us all (I hope so) but I would not count on that. Peter Criss may have to add another tear to his make-up or at least get a chance to take a poke at Gene and Paul after being kicked in the nuts so many times by them... or just let Pete sing Beth. I scored a Fonzie Mego on Epay today... and new Batman TV show retro megos look good (Box set dvd soon I hope). I heard Neca is making Robin and Joker 1/4 scale figures and I think I will set aside some pennies for that day. Prometheus 2 Paradise is underway so they say and Star Wars 7 I just don't know about what to think on that.... maybe they will make a rival football Star Wars team to play LA Kiss? I have a subscription to Batman and Aquaman right now so I have not been down to the local shops in awhile, but I do need to check for a Batman 66 and see if I am current on that soon. My sister is in town soon and I would like to see the Muppet movie with her, but she may just want to spend time with my mom. I want to see Monuments Men, but it's gone now. I went through my lps and purged a bit which means now I will be thinking new again soon so I pre ordered the new Pixies and ordered the new Off! and Doyle cds so I should be swingin to the beat soon. Now and then I write down songs in my book which may get worked on as soon as my band dudes get back from their touring... I have a concept for an awesome lp and I want to get it done in this lifetime and I am not getting any younger (I need to kick my own behind in gear on that one) The mailman just left off the book just now... check back to this blog for my opinion of it. As far as Kiss Merch I am really brunt out on it. Most of it today looks real cheap and dull. Most of the Marvel and DC toys are made for small kids now (which I can dig, but they look too Graphitti Hip Hoppy, just not my thing) lots of the new toys are done now with 3d printing so look out toy sculptors (I once tried my hand in toy sculpting). I did see some new figures that you can build and mix and match parts that looked fun. Hot wheels have gone almost full plastic now but at least they are making some fun new things with it even though it's very "High Tech Modern" robot/redneck flavored Hot Wheels are at least moving forward. Ace Frehley says he is making a new album so we should get that any year now. As for my upcoming projects....  I know you are all waiting for my next book with Jack Grisham (Code Blue... It's a short story illustrated adults only art book based on his famous TSOL song) and it's on the way (at the printers now) and it got selected to be a movie too (go Grisham!) I should be getting a few signed copies that I will have for sale at Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe at Crafted craft market 110 E22nd Street, San Pedro, CA 90731 (in warehouse 10 I am there Friday thru Sunday from 11am to 6pm) I will also have them for sale on my website ( to pre-order get to and save your spot for one today. (It is a small run, so do miss it!) other things are happening very fast and I am taking small steps into new ground everyday now and trying to stay on the ground, but this bird wants to fly so I am building my wing strength day by day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Winning! Go Team! Play ball!

Well, I am now being considered for the "Normal" folks club again. What that means is more people will tell me I look "so much better" and start to expect me as a human being. This will not happen folks. Even though in this pro-nerd anti-bullying policy world you now live in because that's what is popular today you are still going to find ways of deconstructing us weirdos... the wild shall wild remain I am told. Even thought I went to school with the rest of you I still do what I did then, and do all day now... make up things for fun. This is not good for the uptight people. I meet them all day long at my shop now. All the folks that come to my shop and size up my day dreams and try to define them. The truth is to my contentment, I keep moving.... I don't let myself get too comfortable in one genre or skin. I bob and weave. A rolling stone gathers no moss, right? I am learning to take complements from my toughest critic... me. This new health plan is for life. I am going to have to learn to live with the fitness fanatics, bullies and jocks who beat me down. Does that mean I have to love them? Well no, but I have to forgive them because I don't live in the past anymore. You will be o.k. Scott. You are doing great Scott. There will always be bullies. The world does not revolve around you, but you can choose to be happy and healthy without being a showboating loudmouth. Live you life and be happy... move forward and don't look back. Life is too short and you only get one. Don't let depression steal your years... and don't take shit from jive turkeys.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Obsessive Compulsive I am...

I have witnessed much turmoil this past month helping my Aunt Doris get to a more comfortable place (she is about 95). I have been really getting down on myself and getting angry which I thought was due to stress... and yes partly, but I noticed (my whole family noticed) Doris's OCD because we had to go thorough her things and some of my family has had a hard time throwing out stuff that is just junk. This process really drains you. I have wanted to just call salvation army, but some of the family claim it all has value. Then one of my family members pointed out there was a buy 1 get 3 sale on canvas at the art store. So I ran down there real fast and bought a horde load of canvas. I do need it, but I just cleaned out my studio and all that new canvas was blocking my bike (which I should be riding) so I turned on TV and watched Horders for a bit and made a plan to get all that new stuff to fit in my studio the next day (which is today) and after a day of de-cluttering I am done, but I see my own OCD very clearly now. All this should be saved for my therapist, but I am blogging it to just own it, forgive myself and move forward. In my diet class last week I had re-committed to getting in 4 days of exercise and I did, so weigh in should go well this week. (Hey diet class, drink your water!) Many in my family are uneasy with this new me. I have new energy and they (Intentionally or unintentionally) find ways of sabotaging me. Well I can say I have come too far to look back, and if they don't like it they need to get out of my way. I love them, but I have to claim my life. It is mine. Claimed! (do you watch walking dead? Then you get that joke) I tried to give up before and now I say to you all I am going to fight until I drop. I need the love of my family, most of all the love of my wife.... who's with me? Don't let them tell you that you can't. The world is yours! Love to you all, Scott

The Canvas Horde
All Tucked Away

Bike is clear and ready to ride!