Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My New Path

The Electra Townie 7d in Moss Metallic Green
So you may be aware I am on a liquid diet. This is true. You get 4 shakes (from a powder you mix) and 1 nutrition bar a day. You must drink a gallon of water each day too (in addition to the water from other drinks like coffee and the water in the shakes) It is through Kaiser. A doctor monitors you every week and every 20 pounds you loose you do an EKG and blood work. It is for folks like me that have 100 or more pounds to loose. This is my 4th time on it. Why? Because I had much therapy to find out why I over eat and I am now I am ready to make this the final diet for me. I have had time to think because you watch less TV (the commercials drive you crazy with temptation) I came up with some things to keep me focused on my new path. I got a new bike. An Electra Townie 7d in Moss Metallic Green. I named it Kermit. (It's kind of metal-flake green with rat fink tire valves and a rat fink bell. I bought a good lock, riding gloves and I dug out my chrome policeman style motorcycle helmet. I think you should wear a motorcycle approved helmet when you ride a bike, not those "foam cooler" type things they sell for bikes) So I got the bike home but I have yet to ride it. Why? I am still to heavy to even ride down the block, but I am loosing fast and I figure to be out riding after another 20 or more pounds lost (about 3 more weeks). My shirts are fitting like long skirts now and I have loads more mobility. Soon I will be able to wear my wedding band again and fit my old clothes. So I thought over the last 4 weeks about a new business plan. Selling paintings at galleries has been slow, so I am getting a booth space at Crafted in the San Pedro Harbor soon to sell all the paintings, custom bird houses, Trading cards, custom furniture and things I have customized all these years. (In 2 weeks I am getting a tour and info on the space) I up graded my Etsy shop and started to sell there. You can get to my shop by clicking Here: (Aicher's Etsy Shop)
Dad's Old Mariachi Guitar

I am still taking Guitar Lessons at Gray School of Music on 22nd Street in Pedro. I just made a new flyer for them that will go out soon as an insert in the local Daily Breeze paper. (see photo below) Guitar keeps you busy and sharpens your mind. I dug around my closet and pulled out my dad's old Nylon Mariachi Guitar he bought way back when I was in high school (he took lessons from his friend Bob Torres who plays Falmenco professionally some time about 1982 or 83) This guitar is real light and I love the sound and the nylon strings, so fun to find buried treasure! So why the change? Why Diet now? My knees were starting to ache and I got my blood results as being Pre Diabetic. I do not want to have diabetes (I could loose my sight which has been getting worse already or loose a leg? No thanks) My heart was telling me I was over working it too. I had the vision of my wife trying to push me around in a wheelchair...see what I mean? I had helped my grandmother for a few weeks who is in a retirement home. I was so out of shape when I tried to help her up and walking to get her food in the cafeteria each day was difficult. I met a woman who asked me to be her volleyball partner there. There was my grandmother stuck in her room not able to get around and a lady her age getting ready to play volleyball and me, realizing I needed to change my life now. It is so good to have an option. The ability to change my destiny. It was not too late. As for exercise I hate it, but it has to be done. Bicycling is low impact on your feet if you are heavy like me. My lovely wife found a solution for me on QVC. An "Eleptical" wheel thing. It is small so you can move and store it easy. You just sit on the couch or chair (you can do this while you watch TV too) and peadle as if you were on a bike. I break it into 3 segments of 8 minutes at a time per day. If you want one they are called "Stamina In-Motion 1000". I will post a photo below.

Hope this helps you out if you are thinking of changing your path or if you are stuck like I was. You can change your path if you really want to. Good luck and good life. Sincerely, Scott
Gray School ad front
Gray School ad back (Teachers)