Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flea Market Sunday finds 3-24-13

Ran into the handsome John Ransom at the Torrance flea (as we kind of planned) It was a slow start this morning and we barley got to the flea, but we had fun. I got the treasures in the video posted along with a nightstand for my bed that my father in law is going to fix up for us. (a Hulk pop up book, redline McLaren Hot Wheel race car, redline Splittin' Image Hot Wheel and this Japanese kids clock that speaks Japanese with some light jazz called "Wooby Boy" which will sit proudly on my new night stand when it is done.)  Sharon needed breakfast so we wound up at Buffy's. She had the corned beef hash combo and I got chocolate chip pancakes (first time I had w/ choc chips). Got home a took a nap to the Green Lantern movie. Last night we watched X Men first class and it was very good. If anyone can tell me what my new clock says please email me at Thanks, happy hunting pickers!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yes, even MORE new shows and a quick update.

"American Vacation" by Scott Aicher (acryilc on canvas)

So Twinkies and all Hostess (including the Hostess name) should be back by this summer. They got bought by Pabst. (I don't drink anymore, but about once a year I have a beer, It's usually a PBR. You know, like Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet?) so anyway... I have another Gasoline Gallery 1916 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA show on May 11, 2013 called 3 Bills because it all priced under 300 bucks. The last show there was packed and they had free rum and beer for those who drink, so don't miss it (see my photos from the last show Against the Grain 2 Skate Deck show by clicking HERE) but first is the Side Show Gallery grand opening show in Bakersfield, CA on March 23rd, 2013 (see ad below) (I just painted one for it that is mailed off today called "American Vacation" see it above? It will be on sale for $650.00). The Zask gallery is now called the South Bay Contemporary (I think) I have a show there this June that is judged by a jury panel (not sure what I am putting in yet.) that will be in Palos Verdes (I will try to post details in this post.) Then later this year another show in Palos Verdes (This one is at The Palos Verdes Art Center I believe) that show is a self portrait show. I know earlier this year I said I would not be doing art shows much, but these popped up and they are local (sort of) so why not? the "Untamed" by Jack Grisham (TSOL, Joykiller, etc...) which I did about 30 or more plus cover illustrations is in production now and expected out in the next couple of months on Punk Hostage Press Books (The link to the FB page is HERE) I made a custom painted skate deck with the "Untamed" cover art for the last Gasoline show and... It SOLD! The woman who bought it came all the way from Washington to check out the show and stayed at a hostile to save money to buy the art (something I would have done in my 20's) I talked to her for a bit and she was very interested in learning more about this style of art. My sister is due in for a visit. We are going to see my Grandmother who has been ill for a while. My mom has been doing a great job at taking care of her and now I need to help. Special Thanks to Mark from Gasoline this month. Good to know some friends are still working as hard as you are at doing you own thing. He has had a full ear load of my complaints and always leaves me feeling confident. I feel like I got my second wind and I am ready for the rest of this year. So far it's rolling out well.

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Prints for sale and current things doing.

I have 2 new prints up for sale at the shop here: So go there and check them out (One has boobies!). I broke in the Flying V finally at the last Pudding Cupps practice and had a blast playing with the guys even though I was a bit nervous and unfocused we got a song to tape. I hope our next jam is not a year away like last time. This Saturday is the Gasoline Gallery Against the Grain 2 Skate deck art show in Venice, CA. I hope to see all the usual peeps at this one. Mark says he may have already sold one of my 2 decks before the show opens (Woah!)

As you may already know I just finished illustrating a book for Jack Grisham (TSOL, Joykiller, Tender Fury etc...) it is called "Untamed" and is about 13 short suspenseful, shocking, dark nightmarish creepy tales of sex, arson, and debauchery. I drew about 26 or more drawings and the cover. I had the time of my life working with Jack on this project and his first novel is now being made into a motion picture! (maybe this one might see that kind of thing too?). It is coming out on Punk Art Press Books and is due out in March sometime.

I did a Poster and Shirt design for the San Pedro Skate Park Association's next gig which is a downhill skate event that takes place at the lookout point on Gaffey Street near the Korean Bell. (Please if you are in this wear safety gear for me! Have fun, but please be safe!) It is on Saturday March 30th, 2013 10am to 4pm. They are giving out tons of free skate stuff and will have bands playing too!

Things are really cooking this month. Hope to get many more paintings and prints going in the web shop so please check it often. I am really going at the art hard right now and hope to make this my breakthrough year for my indie art-at-home self. Oh yeah.... I also made some smoking hot Trading Card sets (of my artwork) 35 cards per set and I don't have many left. (Trust me, these are cool!) If you want a set get on it because what I have left is it. I have a new shirt design called the Demonslayer which is a cool skull/bat printed in black ink on a heather grey shirt. I have most sizes on hand right now, but I only made about 25 of them total, so don't dottle you dingus! (reasonably priced too!) Perfect for working out and building your mass. As far as collecting stuff for my horde pile studio I just recently got a hold of a long out of print and forgotten favorite comic book of mine issue number 16 of the Flamming Carrot. I had wanted this back when it was a hot comic (1987?), and now I guess folks just have forgotten about the great Bob Burden. I picked it up on ebay for 7 bucks total. If you look into the Carrot also check out Reid Flemming world's toughest Milkman (another awesome comic book) Until the next post, keep on rocking and rolling. You are dynamite and deserve a round of applause. -Scott