Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pudding Cupps are on again!

Now you can hear our tunes. They are on the right side. We jammed by the light of the full moon last night on this Teenage Bigstar nugget we came up with. We are planning a seven inch record that will come with a comic book inside. The lyrics are on the way and they may match the content of the comic book. This song is for our lovely female companions. All 3 of us are lucky!

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Blog to make things simpler... welcome to it!

First off I would like to thank The Ransoms for a great breakfast/business/fleamarket Sunday hangout. I am doing some work for Bridget's shop in Long Beach and before we had breakfast Sharon and I shopped the little flea in old Torrance for a bit. I found a Gold VW Custom Beetle Redline Hotwheel, A Blue Silhouette Redline Hotwheel, A Green with yellow window space car Matchbox from 1977 and a Speed Racer and Racer X set of cars with figures in them.  
I decided to make an easy scott aicher blog page so you all know where to find it. The official URL code log is: scottaicher.blogspot.com. (but you are here, so you know that) I have had many confusing blogs, but this is the main place I will rant and rave about my life and struggles, so stay tuned here. I may stop all of my posts on fakelook as it takes up too much time for me and really cheapens and discounts the work I put into my art. The main place for my new art posts will be my website: scottaicher.com ....or at my shop: psychedelicartshop.bigcartel.com  So check them out! I make an effort to make them fun. also I have a few "Unlisted" sites you can check out. Our dogs have a blog here and my band The Pudding Cupps has a blog page too here.

Tonight the pudding Cupps are jamming at Calimucho Studio and hopefully I will have new music to post at my soundcloud site as well as update photos to the Pudding Cupps blog page! I have been learning the George Harrison chestnut "My sweet lord" in 6 different keys. I was thinking of getting the Cupps to do a cover of Alcaholiday by Teenage Fanclub. I jammed it out with my guitar teacher, but singing it is another thing. We shall see if we wind up covering it. I have one other original I have been tinkering with that is in the Teenage FC relm of sound, but I am not sure it rocks hard enough for K and R.