Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday 2013 is under way... here comes 2014!

So my superhero training is still under way, but of course x-mas happened. I did pretty good. We had Lasagne x-mas eve with Caesar salad. Not on plan but sometimes you need to enjoy a good thing when you can. I have been really unhappy with the transition (back to food) class. I am disappointed the instructor never introduced our group when we joined the group in progress. The class before this one dealt with emotions of why we eat and all of us worked as a team. This class is breaking the personal bonds we made and is more about what kind of food to eat and how much. I guess I need to suck it up and get it done with now. I missed last Thursday and the instructor stopped by where I work on the weekends and reminded me I missed class. Is she breaking my balls or is she really concerned? The class is a real wet blanket now. I recommitted back to my path today. I watched Kick-Asss 2 and realized the hard part is next. Not just eating better but getting more exercise. Later today I will get on the elliptical wheel for a bit and soon bike rides. I got a Baby Taylor Guitar for x-mas that will be fun to take with me wherever I go and keep my hands busy and my brain focused. We missed our nephews but it was fun. Most of the family had me painting things to give the others for the last few months and it was fun seeing the surprised faces when the got their personalized art. I gave a painting I did of my grandparents (who has passed on) laughing and wearing each others shirts to my dad. Hopefully it gave him some good cheer. He just lost his best buddy and is having a tough year. My mom lost her mom this year too. I gave her a sun I painted for myself once to cheer myself up. I hope I did some good this year. I am learning to be a better person. Sharon as usual made us all feel at home and her decorations, cooking and Holiday cheer made it a real good Christmas. I could not have got through this year without her guidance and love. Chet and Coco were good elves too. 2014 is looking to be a good year too. I feel like I am finally on the rebound from a bad depression. We have only just begun to live... (Karen Carpenter?) Watch out for the man and don't take s*it from jive turkeys....

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Black Santa

This week the topic seems to be is Santa black or white, brown, pink, etc... I painted a santa card this year. I listen to James Brown's Santa's got a brand new bag cd and Ray Charles Christmas cd most years so maybe for me he is black. I painted a suntanned (California style) Santa. Most folks thought he was black. I can go with that. TV wants you to worry about things that don't matter. Like Miley Cirus. That girl might be a mess. She might be making money for being a mess. Do you care? We do because she is human. We make mistakes. Calling someone fat is now a big deal (on TV). Do we change the word fat on food labels? Bullies are bullies for a reason. Many folks have anger, depression and fear it's all a matter of what you make of these feelings. Depression will kill you fast. Most fat people are not weak they have depression usually. It's good not to teach hate. It's great to teach caring for others. It's o.k. if you feel angry. The important thing is communication. Through therapy I have explored the reasons of my fears and depression. It was like ripping a band aid off a cut. It took a long time to start healing (I think it's healing...) Life is never perfect. As humans we strive for perfection, but our beauty is often in our flaws. I have taken some small steps into getting healthier. Now they are big strides to a better life. I want to embrace this new life. I celebrate this better health rather than the actual pounds lost. Sure I am happier. Not because thin folks except me better... because I physically feel better. Because I am healthier. I may live longer and because of that grew self confidence and I celebrate my new health. I see on TV folks showing faked encouragement for fat people and challenged folks. They seems so uncomfortable showing support for them probably because they truly feel (or have been taught) that different is "Weird" or wrong.  I watched a TV talk show today where this girl had been bullied so much her mom was taking her out of school to home school her. Then the folks at the show gave her toys and a cruise? What about finding her a new school or a college fund? I decided to turn off the TV and blog. Now I am thinking I should ride my bike for a bit. My Santa is all the colors of the rainbow, but don't worry if yours is not. In case you are wondering, my bike is green... and it aint easy being green. Life is funny, so laugh at it. Forgive yourself for farting in the supermarket. Take it easy!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Totes Ma-Goats!

I am ready for the fun to start. Had a small pity party for myself this week. The usual one I give myself at Christmas time. I got this really cool drawing from Emily Jones who is totes ma-goats for making it for me. It is a view down the lane my booth is on at Crafted. It really gave me some go power at Christmas time! I ordered the new plastic made in china bat car to fit my bat figures as a gift to myself for being a good boy this year... did I need new toys? Well no, but I am ready for some fun that's not food related so this is a nice reward. I always wanted a set of bat megos and now I have that and yes, I am going to play with them and maybe forget about the forthcoming zombie apocalypse for a few minutes. Who wants to play? Probably those kids who made my new toys. Am I bad for buying them? I have to make my own toys more in the future and be happy that now and then I can make myself smile all on my own. The one thing about Christmas is you don't know how its going to unravel each year. You miss those who have passed on. You tell those still with you that you love them and need them and you wonder if you did the right things in the past and sometimes you get that warm feeling on a cold day (or sunny day if you are where I usually am this time of year) I am happy this town I am in has not made big changes yet. I hope I am ready for that when we get there. I always think so negative. I pet my dogs and wonder how long I have with them instead of just enjoying that moment of petting them... which I need to get back to now (it's a Holiday priority...) and when Sharon gets home.... hey I need some Mistletoe! She has been good for a long time. Maybe the Grinch will give the teachers a raise this year. Most of my family is elsewhere this year and I will miss them, but we will have our traditional Christmas at home in our humble abode. Get to hugging. Where my dogs at?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thoughts on blogging my thoughts....

I was going to quit blogging, but I was told it helps with therapy. I admit I do it for therapy and to exercise my writing skills. One day they will make movies from peoples blogs I am sure of it. I get the reward is clearing space in my head when I write things out. I don't know who reads it besides me. The fact is it helps me let things out. Sometimes I think maybe someone will get some benefit from it. I can say what I want. When I started taking steps to a life I wanted I realized I wanted less from computers and electronics and more to talk to people face to face. To make art by hand, eye, pencil, pen or brush. Opening my shop helped me get back to talking to folks in person. We have disconnected so much. So many folks on their phones and computers while their kids grab desperately for their attention and love. Most of the work I do is lost on many. They don't see the care and time it takes to make it. Often I get asked, "do you use computers to make art?" Well, yes, that's how you clean up your ink drawings now and how you advertise you day to day things. I get sick of entering passwords, updating software and apps, and I can't really afford a better computer. My cell phone is the Ford Pinto of the cell phone world, but so what? When I started my diet a few months in I really noticed how much media we buy into. I had to look at the Pizza ads as Trans fat cheese, with even more oil fat plus bread carbs that turn to sugar with all the processing and chemicals added topped with loads of salt. The Nutty candy bar has fattening oily nuts surrounding a loaf of sugar and extra, extra salt. This was the lesson. I have started to guard what I have. What we all have in America... Freedom of Choice. Would you pay more for American made or Organic? Do you care? I may get a new computer one day. I may buy things made in China from time to time. I may even eat Pizza and Candy again, but I will try and make the right choice and exercise my mind away from what I am advertised to do. Hopefully I have learned that I can still connect with real people face to face. I hope I don't make a dungeon of my home and remember to get out and breathe what's left of the clean air we have. You are worthy of a good life Scott... don't waste it. As for fun today I got the new lp on white vinyl "Danger" by The Last and it brought me back to the mid 80's and kept me in the present at the same time. The Last's L.A. Explosion and the Descendent's Milo Goes to College were always great Hermosa Beach/Redondo Beach/Hawthorne classic studies in surf, punk, psych and California Lifestyle just waiting to be crammed together like peanut butter and chocolate. 30 some years later you got this lp. You can hear "walk don't run", Stiff Little Fingers, The Byrds, Beach Boys and all kinds of influence. The Pilmsouls should have made a record this good, but never did. Green Day seems plastic in comparison the the real emotion and feeling expressed within. My buddy Craig's stencils should have been the front cover, but hey, Ray Pettibon will do. Should you buy it? It's your choice, but it is low sodium (I think, anyway).

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Today is 11/12/13! So far... a pretty good year.

Celeste (who teaches with Sharon),Peter and daughter Ani stopped by the booth at Crafted again and Ani (being my best collector and client) bought a box I found at goodwill and painted up. It deals with transitioning to the next world (we all have to go some time). The Quote on the top is from a Psychedelic Furs song called "Heaven". It was emotionally tough to make and Ani just lost her grandpa so I am so glad she found it and took it home to be part of her collection. The diet is still going on. I passed my 100 pound weight loss mark a week or so ago and soon I transition back to eating food (that will mean 3 shakes a day and one meal for dinner). Going back to food is the hard part, but I think I am ready for it. I have a good class group and after this next class ends I will go on to the weight management class. I want to go all the way and not look back at were I was before. This is a life change for me. It's hard to keep focused sometimes, but my life is better now. I can walk better. I have more flexibility and mobility. I have much more confidence in myself and I care about myself and my life more. I feel I may have bought some more time. I was pre-diabetic and my knees were starting to go and I was looking at where I was going. It was going to be death or a very rough remaining life. Sharon said she would not be able to push me if I was so heavy in a wheelchair... was that where I was going? I helped my grandmother in her last days at her retirement home. She was stuck in her room all day watching TV and had to be taken care of. When I went to get her meals for her a lady who lived there asked me if I wanted to be her volleyball partner. I was in no shape to play volleyball with this much fitter and much older than me woman. Helping my grandmother was such hard work (physically) it was my first steps to a healthier life. I may not die young after all.... (not if I can prevent it) I have started a Bike riding club called The Streetriding Cheetahs with a blog page here: so far my friend Keith (from Kool Corner at Crafted) and I are planning to start riding along Cabrillo Beach. I have not told him about the club yet, but I am sure he will join it. My plan is to ride the Long Beach Marathon this year (20 miles) on the Bike Tour. I hope to get out today on my bike for a bit. I am still taking baby steps to get back to bike riding. I always wear a DOT certified motorcycle helmet (cycling helmets wont cut it. They are just foam coolers.) Helmets ARE cool. I wear good shoes and gloves too. Another big part of getting my life going was getting my mind going. To do that I took guitar lessons for a long as I could. It was not always easy, but I stuck with it. Soon my memory improved. The weekly improvements I made gave my instant confidence. I made sure I had a great teacher too (The great Walter Martinez at Gray School of Music, San Pedro, CA.) He was tough at times, but very caring and supportive. I could not have started this path without the help of my mom Pat and step dad Charlie who gave me the opportunity to take lessons, get my bike, and take the classes I needed. I was afraid to ask for their help before and I am glad I asked now. I am very grateful for this life and to have my family and friends, but before they could help me I had to help myself first. I forgave myself for my past mistakes. I have learned to trust my loved ones more and worry less about what I can not change.

Monday, November 4, 2013

You need good friends...

I went to High School (sometimes) with my friend Mark Waldman. He and I and a small group of others were the Punks at Redondo High. It was the early 80's and hardcore was getting started and we loved it. Mark often had his skateboard, a boom box with a cassette that had Social Unrest on one side and the debut of Suicidal Tendencies on the other and usually a pack of smokes he always shared with me. He was dependable, very loyal and we both were on the Road to Ruin. Years passed and I was headed away from the road I was on. On the way out I saw Mark on a friends couch and wondered if he would ever make it off that road alive. More time went by and I left my once sleepy beach town that had become a yuppie haven for the cozy new home of San Pedro (which now is in danger of becoming a high rent area too.) I worked as an Illustrator for a few companies and met my wife and settled down. I had a few art shows locally now and then and was still part of the punk community (and still am). I did not know Mark had found his way to an art career and had taught art too and after many years my former boss was showing at The Gasoline Gallery with some of the artists I was inspired by, so I went to El Segundo to check it out. I met the owner and guess who it was? Yep, Mark Waldman. Some of our old friends were working for him too. We had both found new paths and were fine tuning our lives. He was about to become a dad (twice) and was now sober as was I. We had talks about getting older and our health. We still had the same bond after all this time. He welcome myself and many others and gave us the opportunity to show at a legit art gallery. It was a blast. He often closed down Main street and lined it with custom cars and motorcycles and all the punks and outsiders you could handle every sunny summer beach city weekend, cranked up the tunes and made sure those who still drank had a cold beer. The party lasted almost 10 years. Many of us found fame and recognition for our art. Mark gave us a soap box to let out our sorrows, but his world in the end was getting out of control, but this time it was just the kind of life troubles that find us now and then. He got the wind knocked out of his sails of a bit, but he held strong and became the great dad he is now. He is dedicated to his two sons Ford and Cole. He had the number 3 tattooed for them to remember that no one can take their bond away. For the last show at Gasoline I had done a real personal painting for the show and did not want to sell it so I put a real high price on it. I left it in Mark's care for a few months. Gasoline had closed and Mark had formed Sweatbox, his new company for his return to art. I had started my own shop too (Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe at Crafted, San Pedro, CA) and we both have found that even though the road may change we still have a bond. So I went over to see his new studio space at his home and saw his new Grenade Heart limited editions and it struck and emotional chord. We both could have had heart attacks from our bad health at any given time. This piece really had me thinking of how fragile and great the journey of life is and the power and pain of love. This story is proof that the past will find you. I traded with Mark my emotionally personal painting for one of his hearts and I hope I will never take for granted the things he gave me and helped me live through. Here's to our new paths. Don't let the pin fall out. Find out more about Mark here:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Flea Market Halloween Finds!

Old Torrance flea again.... Bought this "Satellite of love" TV then later that day heard the news that Lou Reed had died. Must be a hug from the heavens.
Picked up some old die cast cars (I think mainly from the 80's) Got this huge old plastic supermarket Richard Petty Stock Car for 5 bucks!
Got an old Madballs plastic lunchbox which found a home at my shop as did the plastic figure cup of The Rock.
Went looking for stuff to paint, but left with toys mostly. That's always the way it goes. You find what you weren't looking for every time. We had a good time. Sharon picked up a red bake-a-lite domino bracelet which she was stoked with. Good to get out a walk around for a bit. When I got to work I was sleepy, but happy (then bummed when I heard about Lou, but I did get a nice TV and I painted a memorial tribute bottle to remember the day.) Such a perfect day.

I love to watch things on T.V.

Bumming out on the loss of Lou Reed. I sat at my shop and painted a memorial bottle to mark the sad day. I love that Pixies song that says, "I like Lou Reed..." because I do like him too. Never mind that the Velvets changed music forever.... or the power of Rock and Roll Animal, the Classic radio hit, "walk on the wild side" Lou was a real original. My uncle Don once interviewed him for his fanzine Back Door Man at Trader Vic's and he said he would not answer any questions unless they bought him drinks, and after they did he gave vauge one word answers. He had a reputation for being a real prick, but that was who he was. I was talking to my eye glass guy who had him sign his lp long ago, and he said he took his marker and made a slash mark on the cover. Lou helped write the now classic and often considered the worst Kiss lp "The Elder". Many Metallica fans hated his "Lulu" collaboration and Metal Machine Music? We will never get another guy like this. He made his own rules. I love the passion he sang with. I loved all of his work. Sad for Laurie Anderson too. We lost an American Icon. Rest in peace, Lou Reed. You were great.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

What is sobritety? What is normal?

I have led a pretty much drug and alcohol abuse free life for about 22 years. I lost a few friends and family members to it. Many of my closest friends live fairly sober lives. I am not preaching sobriety, but the friends that never let me down and that I can depended on at least try to keep sober (or they are). What does being sober give you? Eventually you will learn what love is (possibly, if you open your mind to the world not being just about yourself too). You can still enjoy your black metal and pagan thoughts too. You may learn to find balance between good and bad (or Heaven and Hell... you know what I mean.) You still need to vent stress now and then (for me I like some good hard rock music now and then and some good art books, but that's just me.) Food remains my big challenge now, but with small steps I am finding balance, but I am very sure I will never be Normal. That does not make me special. I am not alone in being abnormal. (and that is good.) I have a few support groups and therapists to get me in this healthier, happier direction. This help works if you trust in others and open up to the idea (again) that it is not just about you, and that others have the same feelings and problems you do, and that is a group or with others you heal better than just on your own. Don't give up the fight. Rage against the dying of the light! Peace be with you. (Maybe I am Normal? Nope, I am Scott Aicher.)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Surviving last week

I had an allergic reaction to Blue Agauve sweetener last week. I put two teaspoons in my diet shake and licked the spoon not knowing what was next. It got pretty bad. My whole body got a rash and then blistered up. It took about four days lying flat to get better. I was thinking of my grandmother who had just passed and what she went through in her last moments, but really I think the spirit of my grandfather Robert (He died when my mom was 12 years old) was paying me a visit. He was in the big war and his ship sank and he swallowed lots of fuel and oil (Which may have brought the cancer that he died from). I was laying watching TCM movies. First they showed Flight of the Phoneix with James Stuart. I had watched it before, but this time my skin was on fire like in the desert heat in the movie (good movie, check it out) then next was the one that had me thinking of my grandfather "Abandon Ship" with Tyrone Power. I was belly sick at this time and I thought "at least I am not lost at sea" The captain who was referred to as "Captain, Brave Captain" (I think fIREHOSE wrote a tune about him, so maybe D.Boon was in the room too) He was catching slack from all the living people left. Anytime someone complained they would have to spend time overboard. It is an awesome movie. I am not going to spoil the end, but it made me think I was not so bad off. By Sunday I had weathered the storm and I headed over to my post at Crafted and spent a few hours there. I would not have faired so well, but with the help of my shipmates Raul Morales who so kindly brought the aid of healing Nettle Tea and Nettle herbals and my wonderful wife Sharon who looked on my wrecked self and said "You are getting better" she had to listen to my complaints and was her gentle kind self. I am not all clear yet, but the worst part is over. Everyone at Crafted gave many kind and loving words. Thank you all for your care. Love, Scott

Monday, September 2, 2013

Grandma Ardis passes away...

My Grandma Ardis passed away this week. She was a guiding light in my art career. She often cheered me on when she saw what I was creating. A talented painter and sculpter herself, she was a long standing helping member of her Canyon Lake community. She lost her husband shortly after the war to cancer. She held her family of 5 kids together by herself and never lost her love of her departed husband. Tragically she lost her son Don at the young age of 52 as well. She is now reunited with her husband Robert and son Don and is finally at rest. Being a fighter her whole life I feel she has finally returned home and is now at peace. (The photo is her at my sister's wedding)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Remains of the day... A new day rising.

So after many Kustom Culture art shows I showed at and trying to belong to the in-crowd again (like in high school) I once again found myself back to the old me. I did not get invited to the big Kustom Culture 2 show like my colleagues, and the creative climate in the genre had (for me) grown stale. Not that I don't still love it. Just the other day I traded for some Marx Nutty Mads so I guess it still lives in my heart, but I had to let go of what I was chasing and get back to the old me. The kid who made art because it was fun and nobody ever told me what or how to paint or draw when I was young... I just did it because it was fun. I worked for Ed Roth once before he passed away. I sat with him one day at a drag swap off route 66 and he told me to be my own boss. To make my own Rat Fink. So after leaving the art shows behind I had to find a new job or way to make a living. I needed something close to home because my old job had me driving from Pedro to Malibu everyday. I heard Crafted in Pedro was lowering the rent cost. I was not sure if I could even make the rent on my own, but I took a gamble and with the help of my loving wife and her parents I got a space there. Only one other booth is really like mine and he sells records, so at least I had some place to shop when I had a break in the day. In homage to my past I named my booth Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe. I started painting just for fun again and filled my booth with the most fun art I have made. I have some fink stuff there. Some surf stuff. Some punk rock art. Some kid style art. Some Pop art. Even some art I made as my alter-ego "The Dooch". I just finished my first month and I feel like a weight has been lifted (literally too, before I started this booth I got on a diet plan and in the 13th week have currently lost about 60 pounds. It is 27 weeks long, so I am hoping to reach my goal weight by December. Thank you, I know... I am awesome.) So I feel great and due to losing weight I am able to acclimate to the warm summer heat at the booth and not pass out in the day. (It's not that hot really just that before I really had trouble in summer weather being so heavy.) So in my first month many friends have shown up and bought art and gave me praise, love and support (some family and friends have bought and found me supplies and found things for me to customized for my booth) and in addition to that the folks at Crafted made me feel right at home as myself. It has been a long journey to find my place and it is not over yet. To all of you who have helped me along the way I thank you sincerely from my heart and to all the new people I meet at my new site I welcome you to share my new path with me. I hope in some way I can make you smile. Happy Trails! - Scott Aicher -August, 26th, 2013.
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Opening week for Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe at Crafted

On the first day it was Friday, a weekday and things were understandably slow so I made all my tags and kept real busy with the final loose ends and got things all put where they go. I did make a bunch of contacts and passed out cards. I forgot to put the Free sign on the Atomic Fireballs so nobody took them. Today was Saturday and the rumor was that the San Pedro celebration might make things slow, but we had a rep down there and the famous Grilled Cheese Truck was at Crafted so there was lots of traffic. The Fireballs were a hit and in the morning I made many more contacts. Then my Sister stopped in with her Childhood friend Katy Kay, her husband Mike Woolsen and her mom Cecelia. I had not seen Katy since she was little. Her husband Mike broke the ice and brought my first sales. He bought 2 paintings and a shirt. My Sister bought a painting too. I felt so happy I almost cried. Soon after my pal Chris from the band High Anxiety and his friend (forgot his name, sorry) stopped in and Chris bought my Cowboy surfing in the desert painting and his friend bought a signed copy of Jack Grisham's (from the band T.S.O.L.) book "Untamed" (all of you know I did 30 drawings and the cover of this book, right?) I have signed (by me and Jack) copies for sale at the booth. So, by the second day I had enough to pay my rent! I was sticking to my diet, so to celebrate I went over to Krazy Korner (also at Crafted) to see Olga and flip through the lp's. I bought a minty copy of The Pirates of the Caribbean ride soundtrack lp with a cool book of folks on the ride in the 60's. (I got a good deal too.) Hope to see all my friends down there soon. (I am so lucky) Thanks so much for making this first week so great you all! Come on out and say hello Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 6pm at Aicher's Pop Kustom Shoppe inside Crafted 110 22nd Street, San Pedro, CA 90731

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Diet Progress. Half way home.

Many people have asked me how the diet is going. Here is the truth. I am kind of scared this time. Not that I am not doing well on it (I am down 45 pounds so far in week 9. 9 more weeks to go...) I just wonder if I can maintain this new path the rest of my life and not let depression get the better of me again. This is my last chance at this and I can not look back this time. Temptation is really on every channel and corner you turn. It is very surreal and David Lynchesque viewing all the ads form this new viewpoint. it has been a long 8 weeks to think of how I got here and how food and depression have been preparing me for an early grave. I hope I am not too late this time. I drink a gallon of water every day on this plan. Water is what I needed most all these years and not food. Also therapy has played a big part in getting my mind ready this time. So much food is full of sugar and salt and preservatives. Burger ads are driving me crazy. Pizza ads too. I don't eat at Wendy's or even have a Sonic near by and Pizza Hut is the last place I would pick to get Pizza, but these ads are played every 10 minutes on TV. So I started watching less TV and did other things (like blogging right now) I bought a bike to ride. I decided to get back to work in some way too to keep busy. Enter my new booth at Crafted in San Pedro where I will be all day Friday thru Sunday with no TV painting and practicing guitar when I am there. You know what they say about idle hands, right? The weight I have lost so far has given me more mobility. Allowed me to have better hygene (trust me, I won't go into it, but things are better) I don't struggle nearly as much getting off the couch. I may have to have surgery after I am done due to sagging skin (I do not believe in cosmetic surgery, but I may need surgery due to skin conditions from the excess skin, yuck!) I will still have burgers and pizza one day, but they will be made by me and have healthy options on them. I will eat quality food from now on. This is my 4th and last time on this diet. It is much slower and a bit tougher this time as I am older and the weight is harder to take off. The reason I am doing well is I have run out of chances. It's life or death this time. I am sorry for all the stress I have cause people over the years worrying about me and my health. I hope I am not too late to realize my full potential I am capable of in life. I do feel for a change I am finally winning. To all my friends and family who have stuck by me all I can say is I am giving this all I have, and thank you for not giving up on me. Give hugs, hold hands and love your friends and family and most of all forgive yourself and move forward.


Arabic Treasures!

So Arab from Love Canal drove by the house yesterday (all the way from O.C.) and brought me all kinds of great stuff for me to paint at my new space at Crafted. We talked about the old punk days, Todd Barnes, Ron Emory, Jack's Books (you should get both American Demon and Untamed they are so awesome. Truly great writing. Not many dare to go where Jack does in his books.) Arab told me the Flaming Lips were playing at the Pacific Amphitheater where he works, but I did not hit him up for tickets as I am too busy this week working on the Crafted booth (but I do love the Flaming Lips! and they are awesome live) I felt I owed Arab so I gave him an Alley Cats Poster and an original painting I did of the Hedora (smog monster from Godzilla). It is amazing how these old punks become dads and turn out to be such great friends to have. Arab is always so generous and goes out of his way for me all the time. Jack said when I worked on his book that he would take care of me, and in the end he did. A man of his word. (his kids drew an awesome drawing on the box for me and was maybe the coolest thing I ever got in the mail.) I have only know these guys a short while and they have been so kind to me. I am so lucky to have good friends. The booth will be running this Friday and I am so ready for this and now I have lots of stuff to paint when I am down there. Arab and I plan on a bike ride soon. Maybe we will get Jack and family to go with us too. I went to the Torrance flea last Sunday and picked a few things for the booth space and found a tin Fire Chief car, a tootsie 69 ford ltd, a T-Totaller hot wheel in red. Sharon ran into John Ransom on her way back to the car (sorry I missed you John). It has been a busy week and I am up already at 3 am typing this out on Tuesday morning. Getting an bit anxious about the grand opening, but I am sure it will go fine. Took care of getting business insurance this week and all the other details are done and paid for.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My New Path

The Electra Townie 7d in Moss Metallic Green
So you may be aware I am on a liquid diet. This is true. You get 4 shakes (from a powder you mix) and 1 nutrition bar a day. You must drink a gallon of water each day too (in addition to the water from other drinks like coffee and the water in the shakes) It is through Kaiser. A doctor monitors you every week and every 20 pounds you loose you do an EKG and blood work. It is for folks like me that have 100 or more pounds to loose. This is my 4th time on it. Why? Because I had much therapy to find out why I over eat and I am now I am ready to make this the final diet for me. I have had time to think because you watch less TV (the commercials drive you crazy with temptation) I came up with some things to keep me focused on my new path. I got a new bike. An Electra Townie 7d in Moss Metallic Green. I named it Kermit. (It's kind of metal-flake green with rat fink tire valves and a rat fink bell. I bought a good lock, riding gloves and I dug out my chrome policeman style motorcycle helmet. I think you should wear a motorcycle approved helmet when you ride a bike, not those "foam cooler" type things they sell for bikes) So I got the bike home but I have yet to ride it. Why? I am still to heavy to even ride down the block, but I am loosing fast and I figure to be out riding after another 20 or more pounds lost (about 3 more weeks). My shirts are fitting like long skirts now and I have loads more mobility. Soon I will be able to wear my wedding band again and fit my old clothes. So I thought over the last 4 weeks about a new business plan. Selling paintings at galleries has been slow, so I am getting a booth space at Crafted in the San Pedro Harbor soon to sell all the paintings, custom bird houses, Trading cards, custom furniture and things I have customized all these years. (In 2 weeks I am getting a tour and info on the space) I up graded my Etsy shop and started to sell there. You can get to my shop by clicking Here: (Aicher's Etsy Shop)
Dad's Old Mariachi Guitar

I am still taking Guitar Lessons at Gray School of Music on 22nd Street in Pedro. I just made a new flyer for them that will go out soon as an insert in the local Daily Breeze paper. (see photo below) Guitar keeps you busy and sharpens your mind. I dug around my closet and pulled out my dad's old Nylon Mariachi Guitar he bought way back when I was in high school (he took lessons from his friend Bob Torres who plays Falmenco professionally some time about 1982 or 83) This guitar is real light and I love the sound and the nylon strings, so fun to find buried treasure! So why the change? Why Diet now? My knees were starting to ache and I got my blood results as being Pre Diabetic. I do not want to have diabetes (I could loose my sight which has been getting worse already or loose a leg? No thanks) My heart was telling me I was over working it too. I had the vision of my wife trying to push me around in a wheelchair...see what I mean? I had helped my grandmother for a few weeks who is in a retirement home. I was so out of shape when I tried to help her up and walking to get her food in the cafeteria each day was difficult. I met a woman who asked me to be her volleyball partner there. There was my grandmother stuck in her room not able to get around and a lady her age getting ready to play volleyball and me, realizing I needed to change my life now. It is so good to have an option. The ability to change my destiny. It was not too late. As for exercise I hate it, but it has to be done. Bicycling is low impact on your feet if you are heavy like me. My lovely wife found a solution for me on QVC. An "Eleptical" wheel thing. It is small so you can move and store it easy. You just sit on the couch or chair (you can do this while you watch TV too) and peadle as if you were on a bike. I break it into 3 segments of 8 minutes at a time per day. If you want one they are called "Stamina In-Motion 1000". I will post a photo below.

Hope this helps you out if you are thinking of changing your path or if you are stuck like I was. You can change your path if you really want to. Good luck and good life. Sincerely, Scott
Gray School ad front
Gray School ad back (Teachers)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flea Market Custom Guitar by Scott Aicher

Found some crud at the flea market (Coloring book, Ninja Panda Bear, Power Ranger Guy, Street Shark and Squier Strat Guitar) and had a great breakfast at Gaffey Street Diner afterwards. Here's what I got and what I did with it:

Plus, I bought this guitar. This is how it was to start

This was the back

Took it apart and primered the body

Parts took off and saved

Start of the front

Start of the back

Still needs sides done

More on the back added
back done but needs gloss
Front done but needs gloss
Final Front View

Final Back View, Finished!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flea Market Sunday finds 3-24-13

Ran into the handsome John Ransom at the Torrance flea (as we kind of planned) It was a slow start this morning and we barley got to the flea, but we had fun. I got the treasures in the video posted along with a nightstand for my bed that my father in law is going to fix up for us. (a Hulk pop up book, redline McLaren Hot Wheel race car, redline Splittin' Image Hot Wheel and this Japanese kids clock that speaks Japanese with some light jazz called "Wooby Boy" which will sit proudly on my new night stand when it is done.)  Sharon needed breakfast so we wound up at Buffy's. She had the corned beef hash combo and I got chocolate chip pancakes (first time I had w/ choc chips). Got home a took a nap to the Green Lantern movie. Last night we watched X Men first class and it was very good. If anyone can tell me what my new clock says please email me at Thanks, happy hunting pickers!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yes, even MORE new shows and a quick update.

"American Vacation" by Scott Aicher (acryilc on canvas)

So Twinkies and all Hostess (including the Hostess name) should be back by this summer. They got bought by Pabst. (I don't drink anymore, but about once a year I have a beer, It's usually a PBR. You know, like Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet?) so anyway... I have another Gasoline Gallery 1916 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA show on May 11, 2013 called 3 Bills because it all priced under 300 bucks. The last show there was packed and they had free rum and beer for those who drink, so don't miss it (see my photos from the last show Against the Grain 2 Skate Deck show by clicking HERE) but first is the Side Show Gallery grand opening show in Bakersfield, CA on March 23rd, 2013 (see ad below) (I just painted one for it that is mailed off today called "American Vacation" see it above? It will be on sale for $650.00). The Zask gallery is now called the South Bay Contemporary (I think) I have a show there this June that is judged by a jury panel (not sure what I am putting in yet.) that will be in Palos Verdes (I will try to post details in this post.) Then later this year another show in Palos Verdes (This one is at The Palos Verdes Art Center I believe) that show is a self portrait show. I know earlier this year I said I would not be doing art shows much, but these popped up and they are local (sort of) so why not? the "Untamed" by Jack Grisham (TSOL, Joykiller, etc...) which I did about 30 or more plus cover illustrations is in production now and expected out in the next couple of months on Punk Hostage Press Books (The link to the FB page is HERE) I made a custom painted skate deck with the "Untamed" cover art for the last Gasoline show and... It SOLD! The woman who bought it came all the way from Washington to check out the show and stayed at a hostile to save money to buy the art (something I would have done in my 20's) I talked to her for a bit and she was very interested in learning more about this style of art. My sister is due in for a visit. We are going to see my Grandmother who has been ill for a while. My mom has been doing a great job at taking care of her and now I need to help. Special Thanks to Mark from Gasoline this month. Good to know some friends are still working as hard as you are at doing you own thing. He has had a full ear load of my complaints and always leaves me feeling confident. I feel like I got my second wind and I am ready for the rest of this year. So far it's rolling out well.

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Prints for sale and current things doing.

I have 2 new prints up for sale at the shop here: So go there and check them out (One has boobies!). I broke in the Flying V finally at the last Pudding Cupps practice and had a blast playing with the guys even though I was a bit nervous and unfocused we got a song to tape. I hope our next jam is not a year away like last time. This Saturday is the Gasoline Gallery Against the Grain 2 Skate deck art show in Venice, CA. I hope to see all the usual peeps at this one. Mark says he may have already sold one of my 2 decks before the show opens (Woah!)

As you may already know I just finished illustrating a book for Jack Grisham (TSOL, Joykiller, Tender Fury etc...) it is called "Untamed" and is about 13 short suspenseful, shocking, dark nightmarish creepy tales of sex, arson, and debauchery. I drew about 26 or more drawings and the cover. I had the time of my life working with Jack on this project and his first novel is now being made into a motion picture! (maybe this one might see that kind of thing too?). It is coming out on Punk Art Press Books and is due out in March sometime.

I did a Poster and Shirt design for the San Pedro Skate Park Association's next gig which is a downhill skate event that takes place at the lookout point on Gaffey Street near the Korean Bell. (Please if you are in this wear safety gear for me! Have fun, but please be safe!) It is on Saturday March 30th, 2013 10am to 4pm. They are giving out tons of free skate stuff and will have bands playing too!

Things are really cooking this month. Hope to get many more paintings and prints going in the web shop so please check it often. I am really going at the art hard right now and hope to make this my breakthrough year for my indie art-at-home self. Oh yeah.... I also made some smoking hot Trading Card sets (of my artwork) 35 cards per set and I don't have many left. (Trust me, these are cool!) If you want a set get on it because what I have left is it. I have a new shirt design called the Demonslayer which is a cool skull/bat printed in black ink on a heather grey shirt. I have most sizes on hand right now, but I only made about 25 of them total, so don't dottle you dingus! (reasonably priced too!) Perfect for working out and building your mass. As far as collecting stuff for my horde pile studio I just recently got a hold of a long out of print and forgotten favorite comic book of mine issue number 16 of the Flamming Carrot. I had wanted this back when it was a hot comic (1987?), and now I guess folks just have forgotten about the great Bob Burden. I picked it up on ebay for 7 bucks total. If you look into the Carrot also check out Reid Flemming world's toughest Milkman (another awesome comic book) Until the next post, keep on rocking and rolling. You are dynamite and deserve a round of applause. -Scott


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pudding Cupps are on again!

Now you can hear our tunes. They are on the right side. We jammed by the light of the full moon last night on this Teenage Bigstar nugget we came up with. We are planning a seven inch record that will come with a comic book inside. The lyrics are on the way and they may match the content of the comic book. This song is for our lovely female companions. All 3 of us are lucky!

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Blog to make things simpler... welcome to it!

First off I would like to thank The Ransoms for a great breakfast/business/fleamarket Sunday hangout. I am doing some work for Bridget's shop in Long Beach and before we had breakfast Sharon and I shopped the little flea in old Torrance for a bit. I found a Gold VW Custom Beetle Redline Hotwheel, A Blue Silhouette Redline Hotwheel, A Green with yellow window space car Matchbox from 1977 and a Speed Racer and Racer X set of cars with figures in them.  
I decided to make an easy scott aicher blog page so you all know where to find it. The official URL code log is: (but you are here, so you know that) I have had many confusing blogs, but this is the main place I will rant and rave about my life and struggles, so stay tuned here. I may stop all of my posts on fakelook as it takes up too much time for me and really cheapens and discounts the work I put into my art. The main place for my new art posts will be my website: ....or at my shop:  So check them out! I make an effort to make them fun. also I have a few "Unlisted" sites you can check out. Our dogs have a blog here and my band The Pudding Cupps has a blog page too here.

Tonight the pudding Cupps are jamming at Calimucho Studio and hopefully I will have new music to post at my soundcloud site as well as update photos to the Pudding Cupps blog page! I have been learning the George Harrison chestnut "My sweet lord" in 6 different keys. I was thinking of getting the Cupps to do a cover of Alcaholiday by Teenage Fanclub. I jammed it out with my guitar teacher, but singing it is another thing. We shall see if we wind up covering it. I have one other original I have been tinkering with that is in the Teenage FC relm of sound, but I am not sure it rocks hard enough for K and R.