Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2018... Let's make it better! My goals for the year...

So I have left Crafted where for four years I had my shop where you could come down and tell me what you thought of my art. At first I had so much positive response from all you who supported me and I was hoping that being the odd ball shop I was it would build and get better. Hoping other odd ball shops would pop up too. Well, one or two did. Eventually my friends bands played there but more than anything it became a shop for old ladies. It literally became like selling my art to my mom. (I love my mom, but she does not get my style of art) As time went on more and more of the shops became women's jewelry and Crafted things rather than the art crowd I needed to get by.

 They had raised my rent about 100 dollars which honestly was about what kind of profit I made if any after awhile. I had no money left to make new shirts or merch but I spent my own money to make more hoping it would sell and work out in the end. I made expensive high quality canvas prints of my work that people loved and complimented but did not buy. (Most of them are still on sale on my site)

 I started to lose track of myself. I gained back lots of the weight I had worked so hard to lose. Went back to old eating habits and became depressed again. Here's the thing... I have always suffered from bad depression coupled with mental illness. It's up to me to keep myself healthy mentally. That is why I quit drinking and smoking years ago. I found other things to occupy my time like painting and collecting for inspiration in my art. My wife helped me see the beauty of life by watching her maintain her garden and achieve excellence at becoming one of the best teachers in this state. Mostly what she expects from me is to work hard at the art I make and be happy and enjoy life.

 For Four years I enjoyed having my little shop. I loved being in charge of how it went each weekend, I put all I had into it. My best work. My best shirt and poster designs. I really was just after smiles from people and sometimes my own smile. We had a community where we all talked at meetings and shared ideas on how to improve things. It was exciting and there was usually a great positive energy all day long to get you through the day.

 After awhile things got gossipy and then came girl power. Fewer and fewer men had booths there.I love powerful women. I love all women. All the guys were at the brewery next door. I got more depressed and wondered if it was my art? I knew I was just in the wrong place for too long. I made lifelong friends there that I love dearly but that was just not enough to keep my shop open. As I said I am now back at an unhealthy weight. I tried to explain my illness to people but they did not understand me and said I seem fine. That's because I manage my depression. It was getting worse being there and it was no longer fun listening to grouchy old housewives pick apart my hard work.
It was time for change so in December 2017 I packed it up.

As I type now I have an uphill battle. I have to take this weight off first. Get back into going on walks and walking my dog. I have begun looking into new business ideas too. One of my new online sites is Threadless ( I have all kinds of new merch available there. Different kinds of shirts for men and women in your own custom color, Mugs, Cell phone covers, Bathmats, Pillows and on and on.... it was really fun to get that site going at the beginning of this year. My other site ( has all of my available prints for sale as well as some of my original art paintings too. You can reach the links for both of those sites (and this blog too) at my main website: popkustomshoppe,com (or: I set up all of my Crafted paints and canvases at my mom's garage and I hope to paint with her once a week too. She is such a great painter and I want to get her painting more. If I am not painting I will be selling off my toy collection, guitars and record albums on ebay in my ebay shop (potroastboy)

I have many more art shows coming up at El Cuervo Gallery in El Segundo, CA which is the main home for my fine art. I plan on getting involved with a few new galleries this year as well. If you have a gallery and would like me to show with you please send me an email:(

I am so excited to get back to painting again full time at home. My wife and I are hard at work cleaning up my studio at home to get it back to being a functioning place to work in again. I tend to be a bit of a pack rat hoarder at times. On the plus side I am healthy (exctept for the extra weight) at the moment. The house is in okay condition. My wife and dog are healthy and they still love me so I feel pretty lucky. I am glad I decided to change my path again this year. Hopefully it will be much more rewarding down the line.

 The choice I have made to get in shape is over eaters anonymous plus cook at home to eat healthier. My first meeting is this Saturday. I have gained and lost so many times I need to deal with my emotions as they are why I over eat. I know I need some help and support too.

Love to you all, and Thanks- Scott

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