Monday, October 28, 2013

Flea Market Halloween Finds!

Old Torrance flea again.... Bought this "Satellite of love" TV then later that day heard the news that Lou Reed had died. Must be a hug from the heavens.
Picked up some old die cast cars (I think mainly from the 80's) Got this huge old plastic supermarket Richard Petty Stock Car for 5 bucks!
Got an old Madballs plastic lunchbox which found a home at my shop as did the plastic figure cup of The Rock.
Went looking for stuff to paint, but left with toys mostly. That's always the way it goes. You find what you weren't looking for every time. We had a good time. Sharon picked up a red bake-a-lite domino bracelet which she was stoked with. Good to get out a walk around for a bit. When I got to work I was sleepy, but happy (then bummed when I heard about Lou, but I did get a nice TV and I painted a memorial tribute bottle to remember the day.) Such a perfect day.

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