Tuesday, January 16, 2018

January Blues 2018

So my last post was pretty negative and angry. I hope I can move on from this depression. I just have to let things go and live each day as it comes. I have not taken good care of myself. Letting Myself get lost and not caring. It affects my friendships and relationships and then I find myself hiding out and not socializing much with others. I keep on burring my head in the sand. I look at other peoples art and instead of being inspired I get jealous and envious that it was not my idea.

Being unhealthy with my diet really has brought me spiraling downward and now I am trying to get back to a happy place. I closed my shop as it was making me more depressed. My own art no longer looked good to me. I had been looking at the same art every weekend for four years and now it is time to make new different art. In my last post I blamed Crafted some and that's not fair. It's my own fault. This depression often wins with me. My apologies to the old ladies who enjoy Crafted. I hope you continue to enjoy shopping there.

Most days are a challenge for me to get going. It's hard just putting on my shoes. I have all this love inside though that is waiting to spill out onto the canvas but when I sit down to paint the old art is still there. I think it's time for a painting class or trying new ideas. I never really know how successful I am or if anyone is following me for sure. Were my four years at my shop all in vein? I don't have many Instagram followers compared to most people (there I go comparing again...) This is why I need to stay off social media. It brings me down and fills me with self doubt. When I get working on art and new ideas i get too busy and in the zone to worry about what's happening around me. It can be addictive but it can also be isolating if I work too much.

sometimes I take time out to reward myself now and then with something non food related. Maybe I will go comic book shopping or to a flea market. Most times I shop online but it is never as much fun as hunting down a good small treasure and it just prolongs my isolation and keeps me from facing the world.

I have lots of anxiety when I am out in the world. People stare at me so I often have to take steps to build up to going out in public. I meditate or count numbers in my mind before I get out of my car most times. I have very low self esteem and I am hyper body conscious and it leads to self loathing and most often fear of being seen in public.

People can be rotten so I have let go of a few recently who are toxic to me. Supportive positive friends can often help bring back my happy place so I hold on to them hopefully without leaning on them too much. My father moved back east last month and that is good. He never supported my art dreams. He turned into and angry man with the help of lots of booze. He stopped loving and caring back in the 70's somewhere. He supports other peoples kids often but his own family he gave up on.
So he is in the freezing cold now. Which is fitting. I still love him but I can no longer be around him. Too toxic.

So I am eating off smaller sized plates now and making better choices but I do need to start documenting victories and achievements which is why I am blogging. Getting out my thoughts and feelings all typed out helps me solve depression problems. Talking about it helps. My mom taught me to communicate my feelings to break though depression and survive being bullied by others and most of all being bullied by my own dad.

Next week I will have lots of improvements to report on my progress. I will also have lots of new art getting made up. so stay tuned to my website: www.scottaicher.com or www.popkustomshoppe.com.
Make today and everyday great. Keep trying. Keep on trucking. Keep the faith. Keep hope alive....

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2018... Let's make it better! My goals for the year...

So I have left Crafted where for four years I had my shop where you could come down and tell me what you thought of my art. At first I had so much positive response from all you who supported me and I was hoping that being the odd ball shop I was it would build and get better. Hoping other odd ball shops would pop up too. Well, one or two did. Eventually my friends bands played there but more than anything it became a shop for old ladies. It literally became like selling my art to my mom. (I love my mom, but she does not get my style of art) As time went on more and more of the shops became women's jewelry and Crafted things rather than the art crowd I needed to get by.

 They had raised my rent about 100 dollars which honestly was about what kind of profit I made if any after awhile. I had no money left to make new shirts or merch but I spent my own money to make more hoping it would sell and work out in the end. I made expensive high quality canvas prints of my work that people loved and complimented but did not buy. (Most of them are still on sale on my aicher.bigcartel.com site)

 I started to lose track of myself. I gained back lots of the weight I had worked so hard to lose. Went back to old eating habits and became depressed again. Here's the thing... I have always suffered from bad depression coupled with mental illness. It's up to me to keep myself healthy mentally. That is why I quit drinking and smoking years ago. I found other things to occupy my time like painting and collecting for inspiration in my art. My wife helped me see the beauty of life by watching her maintain her garden and achieve excellence at becoming one of the best teachers in this state. Mostly what she expects from me is to work hard at the art I make and be happy and enjoy life.

 For Four years I enjoyed having my little shop. I loved being in charge of how it went each weekend, I put all I had into it. My best work. My best shirt and poster designs. I really was just after smiles from people and sometimes my own smile. We had a community where we all talked at meetings and shared ideas on how to improve things. It was exciting and there was usually a great positive energy all day long to get you through the day.

 After awhile things got gossipy and then came girl power. Fewer and fewer men had booths there.I love powerful women. I love all women. All the guys were at the brewery next door. I got more depressed and wondered if it was my art? I knew I was just in the wrong place for too long. I made lifelong friends there that I love dearly but that was just not enough to keep my shop open. As I said I am now back at an unhealthy weight. I tried to explain my illness to people but they did not understand me and said I seem fine. That's because I manage my depression. It was getting worse being there and it was no longer fun listening to grouchy old housewives pick apart my hard work.
It was time for change so in December 2017 I packed it up.

As I type now I have an uphill battle. I have to take this weight off first. Get back into going on walks and walking my dog. I have begun looking into new business ideas too. One of my new online sites is Threadless (popkustomshoppe.threadless.com). I have all kinds of new merch available there. Different kinds of shirts for men and women in your own custom color, Mugs, Cell phone covers, Bathmats, Pillows and on and on.... it was really fun to get that site going at the beginning of this year. My other site (aicher.bigcartel.com) has all of my available prints for sale as well as some of my original art paintings too. You can reach the links for both of those sites (and this blog too) at my main website: popkustomshoppe,com (or: scottaicher.com). I set up all of my Crafted paints and canvases at my mom's garage and I hope to paint with her once a week too. She is such a great painter and I want to get her painting more. If I am not painting I will be selling off my toy collection, guitars and record albums on ebay in my ebay shop (potroastboy)

I have many more art shows coming up at El Cuervo Gallery in El Segundo, CA which is the main home for my fine art. I plan on getting involved with a few new galleries this year as well. If you have a gallery and would like me to show with you please send me an email:(popkustomshoppe@gmail.com).

I am so excited to get back to painting again full time at home. My wife and I are hard at work cleaning up my studio at home to get it back to being a functioning place to work in again. I tend to be a bit of a pack rat hoarder at times. On the plus side I am healthy (exctept for the extra weight) at the moment. The house is in okay condition. My wife and dog are healthy and they still love me so I feel pretty lucky. I am glad I decided to change my path again this year. Hopefully it will be much more rewarding down the line.

 The choice I have made to get in shape is over eaters anonymous plus cook at home to eat healthier. My first meeting is this Saturday. I have gained and lost so many times I need to deal with my emotions as they are why I over eat. I know I need some help and support too.

Love to you all, and Thanks- Scott

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bitchin California year round summer!

Another year is closing out. New art show coming up this month at El Cuervo Gallery called Bitchin the art of So Cal. This one dedicated to the lifestyle and vibe of Southern California living which is pretty much all I know. I used to work for a surf wear company (for many years) making action sports art. It has been many years since I have painted in this style. Kind of fun to get back into it after all this time. Can't wait to see what turns up from the talented artists featured in this show.

 I hope you all stop by and "shop small" this Saturday (small business Saturday) down at Crafted where I have my shop called Pop Kustom Shoppe located in space 151a 112 E,22nd Street, San Pedro, CA 90731. I am there Friday (Okay, sometimes I miss Friday or I am late that day...) Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. We have a raffle going on at our isle "candy cane lane" going on until December with gift basket give-a-ways. You could win one! I have many small affordable hand painted and drawn things down at my shop that make perfect gifts that come from the heart with feeling.

 My teacher wife is relaxing this week for a change. I can't tell you how much work it is now to be a teacher and how much time they put into it and how much of our own money is spent on supplies. She is in the garden today listening to the new Ted Leo cd I bought her for our anniversary. (25 Years). Time keeps moving on. Even our beloved dog is 8 human years old now. Thankfully I still have them both. They constantly inspire me to do my best.

 Been listening to the new Father John Misty Pure Comedy lp a lot lately and I will say this in advance I hope he stays healthy and alive to write more music. He writes some scary deep music that vents his depression. Stay healthy Joshua! All of these rock and roll deaths are really sad. We need smart thinkers like him. Too much dumbness going around these days.

 I am no longer on facebook (for awhile now) it took too much time away from my work. I sarted calling my friends on the phone instead. I still use instagram and on very rarely I will Tweet but it's mostly for business or if I have something to sell.

 The time has come of me to get back into shape once again and I plan on taking more walks around town. Maybe get back to playing guitar soon too. My left hand has had some nerve problems for the last year or so that kept me from playing but it has got better lately.

 Thinking also about starting to make a graphic novel of my own. I recently did a full color comic for a book that is being put out by the band Electric Frankenstein soon (It will be everywhere....Barnes and noble, amazon etc...) and it was fun so I am thinking about writing a story and illustrating it.. Which brings me to why I am back to blogging to help with my writing and help with my expressing things into words. I have a few other small book projects already set to go if I decide to print them up too.

 I am also looking into showing my art at different galleries so if you have an art show coming up please think of considering having me in your show. I have a studio that is overflowing with art that needs to get sold (I am literally out of room in my studio and have to store many paintings at my mom's house) I keep buying loads of canvas when they are on sale and before I know it they are all filled up. Many of my sketch pads are filling up as well. I may publish a sketchbook journal chapbook sometime.

 It's a great time to be an artist. So many great artists doing great work these days. Impending doom can inspire great art and bring great change. Hopefully there is enough love left in the world to keep us safe. Please men, treat women with respect. Be good to each other. Until the next blog may peace and love and good health be with you. -Scott

Monday, February 13, 2017

"New" Gallery I have been showing at...

El Cuervo Gallery in El Segundo. 417 Main Street (310)335-9928 is where you can now find my art hanging at most of their shows. The folks that once brought you Gasoline Gallery have opened this new Gallery a few doors down from where the old spot was. There is a 10 foot Crow (or, El Cuervo...) in front of the gallery. The focus on this gallery is on street art, zine style inked art, Assemblage, Collague, Outsider and of course some Low Brow and Kustom Culture thrown in/

They also sell art books, art toys, clothing and much more. I had a solo show last year called "Space Truckin' the art of Scott Aicher" that was made up of art of mine done in the past 4 or 5 years. It was a big success and we had a great turn out for the show.

They had a nice tribute show to the late lord of low brow The Pizz. I did a tribute piece that sold in that show. They still have a few enamel pizz pins left from that show for sale on their website.

The Annual New Years Nuisance Art Show was full of great art and some of the new up and coming artists are raising the bar pretty high. It is great to see all the fresh new art they are getting in and I am glad to have been part of this show as well.

The next show this February is Against the Grain 3 a skateboarding themed show featuring a huge roster of big talent and once again I will be on board for this one which is this Saturday. They usually have Sapporo Beer on hand for everyone and this one will be very Rad!

I have been getting nice gicle canvas prints of my work made and I have the first batch for sale now on my Esty Shop and you can pick them up down at Pop Kustom Shoppe at Crafted 110 e.22nd street, in warehouse 10 space 151a, in San Pedro, CA where my shop is located. I am open friday thru Sunday from 11am to 6 pm. They are $100.00 each. Each one is 16x20 inches. One inch thick gallery wrapped canvas and they come ready to hang on your wall. They are color matched to look as clean and clear as the original acrylic painting and they cost a fraction of what you would spend on an original.

I have been working on new paintings to make new prints of that will fill my shop space soon. Also planned are new homemade comic zines I am getting ready to print up soon. I still have San Pedro and Palos Verdes shirts for sale on my Esty shop page and the next design will be a south bay shrit which I am currently working on perfecting.

My Esty shop is located here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PopKustomShoppe

I look forward to seeing you at the shows and down at my shop this year. I am very grateful for all the love and support I have received in the past and especially recently. It has made my life much fuller knowing people like my art. I am doing all I acn to stay healthy and keep delivering my best work for all of you out there. Thank you and I will see you at the shops and galleries!

Stay Inspired! Play Vinyl! Read Art Books and Zines! Support your favorite artist!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Kiss Rocks Vegas lp review

So the double lp comes triple gatefold with the DVD in the center. I have not played the lp's yet but the packaging is chock full of photos which are fantastic. The main thing is the DVD. I assume this one show is complied by the best moments from their nine show residence at the Joint in the Hard Rock Vegas. I really disliked the Symphony DVD for all of the overdone camera cut aways and glaring visuals that made my eyes hurt. This one has flash but is done much much better. Visually it is very high quality and outstanding camera work. The band hits a few bad notes here and there but it makes it more real, not overly added to in the editing afterwards. I was amazed at the perfomance of the band. Each member plays in top form considering how late in the season it is for this band.
I have seen many other shows that weren't as good as on this DVD. Sometimes Paul can't hit the notes but he sure gives it everything he has. Gene is Gene and as usual gives a stellar performance. I like that they are playing stuff from Creatures here and the title track from that lp sounds fantastic here. Paul shouts, "hey Vegas how we doin?" A few too many times, but that's Paul doing his thing. Still to me the greatest frontman in rock and roll and no... There is no Kiss without him or Gene. Eric Singer does a great job too. He makes it look easy. At times he seems almost overqualified to be in Kiss and it's a shame to me he never got his own makeup design. Which brings me to Tommy Thayer which to me has his own swagger eventhough he's playing Ace Frehleys style. He should have his own design too. I have enjoyed Aces new lp and would rather not see another Kiss reunion but if they made a new record it might be cool to have all surviving members contribute to a new lp? I dislike the Arena Football thing. Not rock and roll. We have new Toys on the way and new lunch boxes are out now. Check out Kiss my wax on you tube if you collect Kiss vinyl... It is totally fun for kiss geeks filled with detailed observations on each lp.
There is a few buying options of this Vegas thing and as a life long fan I would recommend this one highly.
Oh yeah... Not flimsy vinyl like the old days either. Thick quality 140 gram vinyl.
Top notch packaging too. So if you don't feel good there's a way you could....
Shout it out loud! 
Hopefully Kiss will play one more Los Angeles Gig. If they do I will see you there!
Get the party started!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Middle of the year 2016

Things have turned around a bit. I am really enjoying making art lately and it shows in recent paintings. I was real uncertain about showing in galleries again but I told myself to get over my shyness and get the work out there for folks to enjoy. I had lots of great paintings just sitting in my studio and it all just needed to get shown and seen. I worked on a series of 20 paintings for my uncle who has been a life long fan of my drawings and paintings. They are mostly vintage cartoons and television personalities he loves. He was so happy to get them each month. He visited my shop when he picked them up each month and each time I bought him a coke and he gave me the bottle to paint so I have 20 or so of those too. 
My family on my moms side is still doing pretty well lately in spite of a few rough patches and my wife and dog are healthy and still by my side. I feel pretty lucky. Pop Kustom Shoppe is doing good lately too even getting orders from my etsy online shoppe in the last few days.
Decided to get back to my diet class again next week trying to get fitter again. 
Kale juicing again and that kind of thing.
I finally cleaned out our old stereo cabinet last month that was crammed with papers and kind of a catch all for awhile.
I had the old techniques reciever we bought years ago when we were doing pretty good and we decided to treat ourselves to a good stereo. The Sony CD player was still there and working but the old techniques turntable belts were slipping. I had got a Ion digital one for my computer and hooked that one up instead and it plays great. The old Bose speakers still worked too. The most fun has been being able to play vinyl again. I used to work at a record store years back so I have lots to get to. The best part is just enjoying what I have. Enjoying what's already there in my life.
I started to clean the studio a bit yesterday and I may get out some old guitars soon.
I hope to see you all at my new art show in a week or two. Maybe talk records guitars and art some? All the details of my show are on my website: popkustomshoppe.com (or) scottaicher.com
The gallery is on Main Street in downtown el segundo, CA which is a breezy beach street with lots of food options and a great place to take a stroll and enjoy the night and the gallery features art, books, toys, music and video, clothing and all kinds of fun things.
Pretty sure Sapporo beer is sponsoring it too so you got that going for you, which is nice... See you there!