Monday, February 13, 2017

"New" Gallery I have been showing at...

El Cuervo Gallery in El Segundo. 417 Main Street (310)335-9928 is where you can now find my art hanging at most of their shows. The folks that once brought you Gasoline Gallery have opened this new Gallery a few doors down from where the old spot was. There is a 10 foot Crow (or, El Cuervo...) in front of the gallery. The focus on this gallery is on street art, zine style inked art, Assemblage, Collague, Outsider and of course some Low Brow and Kustom Culture thrown in/

They also sell art books, art toys, clothing and much more. I had a solo show last year called "Space Truckin' the art of Scott Aicher" that was made up of art of mine done in the past 4 or 5 years. It was a big success and we had a great turn out for the show.

They had a nice tribute show to the late lord of low brow The Pizz. I did a tribute piece that sold in that show. They still have a few enamel pizz pins left from that show for sale on their website.

The Annual New Years Nuisance Art Show was full of great art and some of the new up and coming artists are raising the bar pretty high. It is great to see all the fresh new art they are getting in and I am glad to have been part of this show as well.

The next show this February is Against the Grain 3 a skateboarding themed show featuring a huge roster of big talent and once again I will be on board for this one which is this Saturday. They usually have Sapporo Beer on hand for everyone and this one will be very Rad!

I have been getting nice gicle canvas prints of my work made and I have the first batch for sale now on my Esty Shop and you can pick them up down at Pop Kustom Shoppe at Crafted 110 e.22nd street, in warehouse 10 space 151a, in San Pedro, CA where my shop is located. I am open friday thru Sunday from 11am to 6 pm. They are $100.00 each. Each one is 16x20 inches. One inch thick gallery wrapped canvas and they come ready to hang on your wall. They are color matched to look as clean and clear as the original acrylic painting and they cost a fraction of what you would spend on an original.

I have been working on new paintings to make new prints of that will fill my shop space soon. Also planned are new homemade comic zines I am getting ready to print up soon. I still have San Pedro and Palos Verdes shirts for sale on my Esty shop page and the next design will be a south bay shrit which I am currently working on perfecting.

My Esty shop is located here:

I look forward to seeing you at the shows and down at my shop this year. I am very grateful for all the love and support I have received in the past and especially recently. It has made my life much fuller knowing people like my art. I am doing all I acn to stay healthy and keep delivering my best work for all of you out there. Thank you and I will see you at the shops and galleries!

Stay Inspired! Play Vinyl! Read Art Books and Zines! Support your favorite artist!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Kiss Rocks Vegas lp review

So the double lp comes triple gatefold with the DVD in the center. I have not played the lp's yet but the packaging is chock full of photos which are fantastic. The main thing is the DVD. I assume this one show is complied by the best moments from their nine show residence at the Joint in the Hard Rock Vegas. I really disliked the Symphony DVD for all of the overdone camera cut aways and glaring visuals that made my eyes hurt. This one has flash but is done much much better. Visually it is very high quality and outstanding camera work. The band hits a few bad notes here and there but it makes it more real, not overly added to in the editing afterwards. I was amazed at the perfomance of the band. Each member plays in top form considering how late in the season it is for this band.
I have seen many other shows that weren't as good as on this DVD. Sometimes Paul can't hit the notes but he sure gives it everything he has. Gene is Gene and as usual gives a stellar performance. I like that they are playing stuff from Creatures here and the title track from that lp sounds fantastic here. Paul shouts, "hey Vegas how we doin?" A few too many times, but that's Paul doing his thing. Still to me the greatest frontman in rock and roll and no... There is no Kiss without him or Gene. Eric Singer does a great job too. He makes it look easy. At times he seems almost overqualified to be in Kiss and it's a shame to me he never got his own makeup design. Which brings me to Tommy Thayer which to me has his own swagger eventhough he's playing Ace Frehleys style. He should have his own design too. I have enjoyed Aces new lp and would rather not see another Kiss reunion but if they made a new record it might be cool to have all surviving members contribute to a new lp? I dislike the Arena Football thing. Not rock and roll. We have new Toys on the way and new lunch boxes are out now. Check out Kiss my wax on you tube if you collect Kiss vinyl... It is totally fun for kiss geeks filled with detailed observations on each lp.
There is a few buying options of this Vegas thing and as a life long fan I would recommend this one highly.
Oh yeah... Not flimsy vinyl like the old days either. Thick quality 140 gram vinyl.
Top notch packaging too. So if you don't feel good there's a way you could....
Shout it out loud! 
Hopefully Kiss will play one more Los Angeles Gig. If they do I will see you there!
Get the party started!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Middle of the year 2016

Things have turned around a bit. I am really enjoying making art lately and it shows in recent paintings. I was real uncertain about showing in galleries again but I told myself to get over my shyness and get the work out there for folks to enjoy. I had lots of great paintings just sitting in my studio and it all just needed to get shown and seen. I worked on a series of 20 paintings for my uncle who has been a life long fan of my drawings and paintings. They are mostly vintage cartoons and television personalities he loves. He was so happy to get them each month. He visited my shop when he picked them up each month and each time I bought him a coke and he gave me the bottle to paint so I have 20 or so of those too. 
My family on my moms side is still doing pretty well lately in spite of a few rough patches and my wife and dog are healthy and still by my side. I feel pretty lucky. Pop Kustom Shoppe is doing good lately too even getting orders from my etsy online shoppe in the last few days.
Decided to get back to my diet class again next week trying to get fitter again. 
Kale juicing again and that kind of thing.
I finally cleaned out our old stereo cabinet last month that was crammed with papers and kind of a catch all for awhile.
I had the old techniques reciever we bought years ago when we were doing pretty good and we decided to treat ourselves to a good stereo. The Sony CD player was still there and working but the old techniques turntable belts were slipping. I had got a Ion digital one for my computer and hooked that one up instead and it plays great. The old Bose speakers still worked too. The most fun has been being able to play vinyl again. I used to work at a record store years back so I have lots to get to. The best part is just enjoying what I have. Enjoying what's already there in my life.
I started to clean the studio a bit yesterday and I may get out some old guitars soon.
I hope to see you all at my new art show in a week or two. Maybe talk records guitars and art some? All the details of my show are on my website: (or)
The gallery is on Main Street in downtown el segundo, CA which is a breezy beach street with lots of food options and a great place to take a stroll and enjoy the night and the gallery features art, books, toys, music and video, clothing and all kinds of fun things.
Pretty sure Sapporo beer is sponsoring it too so you got that going for you, which is nice... See you there!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Power Con Saturday 2016

Had a quick fun time at power con. No sign of pixel Dan or the four horsemen (I guess they had a panel going). 

I picked up some exclusive toys and hunted the floor for loose figures for sale but it was pretty packed and tough to search the bins. Kind of what I was expecting but really enjoyed the fact that it was just one small room. 

As I said the horsemen were not at their booth but I got photos of some of their figs. Really dig the pelican guy. These were sold out for the day already I was told and I was there early.

Talked to Skeletora some and I should have got evil Lynn who was there too. Dang! Sorry E, next time. Stay wicked.

Program, Slime can m.ot.u.s.c.l.e. Figures super seven exclusive and sorceress figure I picked up.

So I picked up Red Mini Comic Beastman as my exclusive. I really wanted green Granymr but that was $110.00 and Beastman was 50. Also got the exclusive green slime Motuscle figures from super seven. These are an homage to the slime can that came with the slime pit but this contains translucent slime green mini Motu figures instead of slime (which I am pretty sure Mattel stopped making years ago).
Also got a sorceress figure for about half price. Gotta clean her up and maybe repair the legs. One I wanted. Also wanted a Saurod figure but he was 50 for the classic version which was too much.

My favorite thing I picked up from a indie toy maker named Marty Hansen from (also He has this guy in black and also small figures that are interchangeable pegs so you can swap out their parts. I am going to keep an eye out for more from Marty and Kabuto Mushi toys. 

Until next time, good journey!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Steady as she goes

Had a rough patch of temptation. Made it through. I got real dehydrated and was not getting the right nutrition and it threw me. Did some light work on my tiny treadmill. Drinking lots of water this week and less coffee. Getting good sleep too. Went to see a movie yesterday which was nice. Feeling happy. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Small business Saturday at Crafted 2015

(James and Ali modeling their new shirts)

My thanks to everyone who came down to Pop Kustom Shoppe at Crafted for small business Saturday yesterday. Special thanks to Andy Harris and family for their usual reliable love and support. So wild to see his family growing and sprouting up so fast. We talked about channel street skate park reopening which he assured me is being worked on and is going to happen folks... We also talked about the San Pedro Shred festival of skate happening next year too and I am going to get an early start on the shirt and poster design as to make sure it looks rad enough to top my last designs from previous years.

My family came down to visit too. Andrew was off with his girl in downtown L.A. Checking out art galleries after thanksgiving but James and his girl Ali came down to the Shoppe and walked around crafted with Sharon and her mom for the afternoon. The boys I watched turn into men. Man it would have been nice to have more time with them this week but I am grateful to get to have them stop down to visit from Sonoma. That's Ali and James in the photo posted above modeling their new shirts. She is adorable james. So happy to see you both!

I have been very busy painting again and I will have a lot more work at the shoppe soon. I plan to have a reveal day for all the new work early next year (which is soon.) it is going to be pretty wild art.
Working on a Long Beach or Redondo Beach shirt next... Just have not decided which city yet. Email me and let me know what city you think would be a good shirt next. 

I discovered some old smaller prints this week that I used to sell. I only found a few sets of them but they are pretty fun. There is a different San Pedro design and a Santa Claus and a few others. Raul has been busy with Calimucho and touring but I will contact him after this week for more shirts as they are moving fast this week as are the poster we silk screened. He was thinking we should make hoodies soon and I think that sounds like a plan.

Angela Romie stopped in back from her travels to New Orleans and it was good to see her home safe. She bought one of the old new found prints and said she is still working on crafted interviews and things and I think she is still busy with her That's so Pedro Podcast which I got the honor of being a guest on awhile back... Check it out if you have a chance.

I finished another commission painting for my Uncle Bill from my moms family this month which is on display at the shoppe until he picks it up when he comes down for his usual monthly visit. This on has goofy, Dudley do right, some Warner brothers guys building a snow man (kind of a winter theme) people are really liking seeing it hanging up and they love hearing how he is commissioning me to paint this series of paintings. He has told me he wants me to paint 20 paintings all about the same size. I think this one makes it about number 9 so far. He has quite an imagination and has been one of the biggest supporters of my art life. He bought me Kiss records and comic book subscriptions for my birthday when I was growing up which were what inspired me to become an artist. He loves sports and is very knowledgable about baseball, football, golf even horse racing. He is a pretty passionate movie goer so I get my movie reviews from him too. He collects toy like me too and it's always fun to hear what he has picked up in his latest toy hunts.

I got the garage at home cleared out a bit to make room to work out there this summer. I managed next to get my studio fixed up a bit more so I can work in there again now and pretty soon I will have access to my record collection and guitar amp again to play some music and plug in the twangers again and turn up the noise a bit. I started painting again which I was kind of wondering what was next painting wise as I had been making shop art for so long I had not worked in anything bigger for awhile and I was sort of waiting to see when inspiration would kick in again and it did when I reclaimed my work space at home and donated some of my toy collection to the less fortunate for Christmas.

Things are great and I am very grateful for all of your support this last year. Online sales have been good too so thank you all for visiting and shopping on my Etsy online shop site (just go to Etsy and Search my name Scott Aicher or Aicher's pop Kustom shoppe (https//

Very happy holidays and I will see you all down at Crafted, the home of hand made 110 e.22nd street, San Pedro, CA 90731 in warehouse 10. My shoppe is located in space 151a right near the front entrance. See you soon and Thank You! Sincerely, Scott Aicher